2024 Important Energy Update

  • February 2024

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48 thoughts on “2024 Important Energy Update

  1. Symptoms I resonate with: anxiety and overwhelm, trauma triggers, purging, confusion (indecision), emotional (grief), exit points, ego deaths, exhaustion, extra sensitive, random car accident (2023), spiritual awakenings, psychic attacks (since 2020), cosmic community,

    About spiritual gifts — its so nice to hear you say its natural. I believe the same, and I feel I’m meant to help ppl awaken.

  2. ahh, always always speaking right to my soul and answering all my souls needs.

    PLEASE STILL UPLOAD TIKTOK CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE.. I only use insta & fb and never want to be tt but I would just to watch EA drops !!


  3. Yup, skin rashes/outbreaks. Yup, restless sleep & major crazy dreams. Also, out in the world, I feel like other people in cars don’t “see me” in mine … soooo many near accidents. Wonder if I’m shifting dimensions quite often. Head scratcher, LOL.

    Anyway, mindfulness when “out in the wild” is key … too many energy shifts seem to cause extra erratic behaviours in some people who may be vibrating at a solid 3-D level … just my gut thoughts folks!

    Thank you EA! ❤️

  4. Extreme restlessness at night. Waking up like 20 times during the night. Tossing and turning. Unable to get back to sleep, feeling very much in turmoil at night. Waking up feeling stressed. And as you mentioned, crazy dreams and remembering many of them, which is unusual.

    1. And it’s funny to see above say 10:47 when it’s not even 10 here 🥰 Puts things in perspective 🙃

      I feel as if lead is covered over me and I can’t move. So I sleep, yet wake not rested.

      Maybe the next “shit to hit the fan” is an internal one … so deep that any more nearby structures colapsing would only be a distraction. Guys, dont be skipping your meditations if you do any. Go deep. Sending love out to all !

  5. 😆 I totally get crickets when I try to talk to my spirit guide! I ordered the course! I watched this video on YouTube and commented. But I want to say that I feel so good about the fact that we have all become so connected that EA’s messages are the exact thing we ALL need when we hear it. I just feel like we truly are connecting more and more. This is going to be a crazy year but also an amazing one! We are taking back our rightful power and stepping into it. The supernatural is a misnomer as it is our regular “natural”. Maybe we could say that those of us on the Ascension/ Great Awakening path already ARE Supernatural. My intention is to learn how to use my power. My affirmation is Of course I am Supernatural, I am part of the Source of everything! I love you all and am thankful to be part of your tribe. 🩵🧚🏼‍♂️🌼💕🌞🌸✌️🌺🌏🧡

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