The Satanic Ritual of the Super Bowl

  • February 2024

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๐Ÿค” Ever wondered if the Super Bowl is more than just a game? ๐Ÿˆ In this video we explore the hidden symbolism, staged relationships, and bizarre rituals of America’s biggest televised event! Get ready to expand your awareness!

41 thoughts on “The Satanic Ritual of the Super Bowl

  1. I am not surprised but deeply saddened to realize that big events (among other things) are used the siphon the energy created from the crowd. I am ready for such systems to collapse.

  2. Hey Elizabeth, you have probably already heard this by now but a CEO of one of the largest banks in Nigeria was on a helicopter with pilots, family and the chairman of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, flying over California to Nevada prior to Superbowl and went down in a helicopter accident. Following this Biden tweeted himself with “laser eyes” which is symbolic of cryptocurrency support. This phase went around twitter a while ago where other elites all put up laser eyes online. I believe these deaths were a lynchpin in securing a new digital financial system, trade agreement or otherwise like you mentioned, which was previously being blocked in some way by the people who were tragically murdered. (I’m claircognizant, and that connection is what comes to me). Love your content!

  3. I watched this wondering if you were going to discuss what I downloaded before the 2024 Super Bowl. My entourage ( guides ) had strongly told me โ€˜Do not watch itโ€™ -Something related to a frequency transmit thing. Iโ€™ve noticed this before on my own when Iโ€™ve either watched in the past or been in a room nearby when the Super Bowl was on. It wasnโ€™t important to me to tell others that I knew were going to watch it – no one would believe it -so I justified Iโ€™m extra sensitive and theyโ€™ll be fine. I was just relieved there was no mass shooting or something horrific that happened right there at the event.
    You brought up something similar to this at the end.
    But my download was it being a frequency transmission of some kind for those watching the tv.

  4. Does anyone remember Travis Kelce having a dating show back in 2016 called Catching Kelce on E!? I find that so interesting in regards to all of this. Not many professional athletes get their own dating show, especially just a few years into the NFL. Itโ€™s like they had their eye on him for a while.

  5. I resonate with everything you said. Many, many good points. I respect and appreciate so much this kind of information. I can also feel the time and care you took in preparing for this video. Thank you, Elizabeth.

  6. Iโ€™m having such a hard time with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively being apart of the Illumanti. Taylor Swift seems like such a good person and Blake Lively is one of the only celebrities Iโ€™ve ever heard talk out against sexual abuse in children and pedophila. I feel like we need more information on this.

  7. Has anyone seen Taylor Swift and ice spiceโ€™s new music video for the song Karma?? Itโ€™s unbelievable how satanic it is. There is one scene where theyโ€™re dressed up like the devil. So bizarre.

  8. The game definitely seemed fixed. Anyone know where on instagram I can find the shapeshifter on video on EAโ€™s insta? Maybe a hint to which one it is? I spent a good hour going through videos looking for it (loved them all) but I canโ€™t seem to figure out which it is.

    I too have to re login to watch videos quite often. Thought maybe the powers that be are trying to make it difficult to watch content from EA.

  9. EA I am a big SF 49er fan.. and many of us talked about.. how the Chiefs in the 2nd half of their Superbowl games (4) to this date, the first and this one against the 49ers, they were not flagged for holding penalties in the second half or those games. Possibly one or two obvious ones but the winning drives by them (all 3 were come from behind) no penalties at crucial times.
    I do not know about Satanic rituals and I am not a Taylor Swift fan.. and I don’t watch the commercials, and only watched the halftime show as I had never seen Usher before. It was ok..
    Also all the people who talk about sports online was about IF the Chiefs won, they would be the greatest ever and their QB would be the Goat (greatest ever) So I got that feeling again.
    Oh yes, this stadium in Vegas was built a couple years ago and financed by the money in Vegas. So the possibility that there are caves or areas deep underneath is a very big possibility.
    I like your post here on this.. Thank You.

  10. Unable to view despite being logged in – glitch in the system? keeps bumping out at the point of needing to be logged in. Looking forward to hearing/seeing this and thank you, Elizabeth, for addressing this!

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