Let’s Get Real….

  • February 2024

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Join me in this raw and vulnerable video as I share my personal challenges, insecurities, and healing journey. Get to know the real me as I share my human experience.

86 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real….

  1. Dear Elizabeth, I am going to be 70 this year (Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Gemini rising) and I loved this video. We have so much in common, it’s shocking to me. It’s nice to know someone else is a lot like me. You, however, have learned many things at a much younger age than I did. I had no idea, for one example, the damage sexual abuse and effects it has had on me until a few years ago. My escape has always been to the outdoors, nature, water of all kinds especially waterfalls, etc. Of course, there are some differences, but it appears there are more similarities than I would have guessed. I am amazed by you and have been watching your videos for several years now. Thank you for your insights and reporting on your amazing journey. I have learned a lot.

    1. Wow I am so happy for you, to have your realization and learnings come to you, even though they arrived a little later in life. 🙂 I was in my 40s before I realized these things, so I can relate a bit on our arrested personal developments and realizations. I’m really happy for you, even though I don’t know you 🤍

  2. Thank you so much for being so real and raw. You sharing is something you obviously you didn’t have to do. Thank you for sharing your human side. I think it really brings you closer to us all. Always, best regards. Albert

  3. Hi Elizabeth, It’s very nice to meet you. 🤗 Your human is beautiful and brave. Hearing about your University experience with a crappy roommate after your abduction experience (who likely grew to be an awful adult) worked me up (I hate bullies). Fast forward and it’s inspiring and awesome that you’re blessed with a happy life, happy wife, and now a happy Mama bear, with a community Your human created. I am grateful to be part of your human’s tEAm. We 💗 you. You are enough❣️

  4. Elizabeth, I know that YOU know you are not alone, but I’m gonna tell you anyway; you are not alone. I have walked with 2 survivors through this hell. My first was my partner of 23 years, and so sadly, so heartbreakingly, she walled herself off a few weeks after releasing this horrible secret. She was 42 when she finally put the pieces together. Believe it or not, I am very intuitive, psychic even, and for years I knew something was off with her family. I knew she carried a weight. I tried and tried to get her to tell me. I spoke to my friends and family, seeking feedback, who simply blew me off as being “paranoid”. I wasn’t. I still support her to this day, I stood up to the parents who abused her, I stood by her through thick and thin, but it wasn’t enough to bring her back, in time, to save us. I also, have a new partner, and to my complete shock, she experienced the same issue. I was floored. Prior to age 43, I had no experienced dealing with any of this. I was, however, the best person for the job – I know this. It was hell, and it coincided with a crisis of conscience at my job, as a professor of fine arts at GWUin DC, in which I quit in protest of corruption, which was also, such a huge letdown. I can’t describe how alone I felt, the loss of my career, coinciding with the loss of the most important person in my life, and my faith in humanity, frankly. However, I was and am glad I was the person they both trusted enough to tell. For whatever reason, I understood, so profoundly, every detail of what they were suffering. To the extent of feeling it, as if it was me. It isn’t possible to describe. I knew how to help- I knew before the countless therapists, psychologists and group therapy. No one will believe me, but it’s true. I can’t even believe how much I knew so intuitively about how to help them both. I’m 53 now. It’s been a dark night of the soul – people don’t support the supporters, they run for the hills, so I can only imagine what they would do to the survivors. My own family surprised me in this way; my colleagues, friends, it was an awful; completely demoralizing experience. Just a massive pile on, all at once; this is only scratching thr surface. I will always be there for the little girls, who trusted me, and opened up, no matter what happens with the adult. I can separate what amounted to, a form of psychological torture, during that first year; things my first partner did that she had never done before, that were very insidious, cruel, but also quite proportionate to what I’m certain she experienced at the hands of her own abusers. Still, I had to separate from her, to protect myself, and whatever positive feelings I still had about us. But, I’d do it all over. Sometimes I wish I was dead, not because I want to die, but because I’m exhausted, and I grinded away for so many years, making a living as an artist, finally gettinf a job as a professor – Art is so incredibly competitive. I traveled, paid off all my student loans, did everything I ever hoped I would and more. But I wasn’t rich, I saved, and worked like crazy. We both did. I’m just tired. I don’t want to start over. I already did it. But both of my partners, former and current, are doing much, much better. They both struggled with acne, and the exact same health problems you described, along with having their periods, very young, being hyper-sexualized, the whole nightmare. Promiscuity and porn, go hand in hand with childhood sexual abuse. I believe 80% of crime would be prevented if we dealt with childhood sexual abuse the way we are and were supposed to. Sacrifice anything and everything to protect the child. No matter what. We are the adults, and as human beings, we are all responsible for the fact that this occurs, on the massive scale in which it does, and that these children are left to fend for themselves. Enough. Everyone should do what I did. I was threatened, by both sets of abusers. I can’t even begin to tell you, how terrifying it was. I would do it all over again, in a heartbeat. I have to. We all do. Risk everything if you suspect this is occurring. It is. My gut never let me give up trying to figure out the pain my partner was carrying. Thank God. This kind of story, requires the length of this comment. Elizabeth, you are what I always told both of my partners that they were – they have seen the darkest of the dark, and have the capacity, to be the brightest of the bright, having seen the difference – you are the brightest of the bright. Nothing anyone does to us, can take away a shred of who we truly are. It had nothing to do with you, my partners, or any abused child. Nothing. Someone did this TO you. You had no say. You were a child. End of story. Now all adults have to step the hell up, and confront this issue, head on. I’m so glad I could see myself do this, when the opportunity presented itself. I didn’t even think twice. But everyone else, did. I wish I could speak with you personally. Just human to human. I know this isn’t possible, but I wish I could articulate my experience, as a supporter, to you. What I understand, what it all means. I know more than I ever could have imagined I would. I experienced so much unbelievable psychic activity, during the past 10 years, but also, recognized so much I had experienced, and repressed
    my entire life. If anyone on this site, needs an ear, or some advice, anything, regarding the experience of being sexually abused, please reach out to me. If you would like. I am an earned “expert” and have a lot of knowledge, experience, and a warm heart.
    I’m leaving my email in this comment: djfeathers70@protonmail.com

    This is a complex, but very healable experience, believe it or not. This is the hardest part for so many survivors to believe. For good reason, but it is all good news, I can tell you. You just have to believe, it’s possible. Because it actually really is. You are old souls. You are hot broken, and you are not tainted, in any way, shape or form, by the abuse, or by what the abuse made you believe about yourself. No promise. I know. I just do. I have all that psychic, stuff too. Always have. Anyway, you are all so loved. Please reach out, if you would like to talk. I have a website, with my art, if you have an interest in verifying my “story” credentials, art stuff, etc. or if you just want to see some art.


    With love to you all, and of course, to lovely, precious Elizabeth, so full of light, warmth, insight, intelligence and love,

  5. Dude Elizabeth, I relate so much. I have to admit at the expo, I kept seeing so many perfect beautiful people in LA that it brought out insecurities for me I forgot I had. But I am SO GRATEFUL it did, it really brought stuff to the surface for me to transmute and neutralize. Also, we actually have a very similar nose! My brother has it too! It’s a beautiful genetic trait from my great grandmother who immigrated from Norway. I’m 1/4 Norwegian and our nose types are common in gene expressions originating in super cold climates because the air we breathe in has to have time to warm up before it hits our lungs so the cartilage builds in a way to create longer narrow passages vs shorter wider passages. So cool super power we have! Thank you for sharing your human side, we definitely all have one, and best of all, we are still so incredibly loved regardless!! ❤️

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I love your human <3. You are the only spiritual teacher I have left after letting go of all the new age and conspiracy information I used to consume in years past. I feel a great resonance with you on a personal level and as well as your spiritual teachings of course. Thanks for all the inspiration and positivity you have been spreading. Much Love

  7. It isn’t too much of EA. I love it. I do worry about you sometimes though- whether it’s too much for you to produce it all, especially being a mother of a tiny one too now. Take care of yourself 💖

  8. I’m only 5’ (4’11”3/4 if I’m really honest! 🤣). I look like a child in photos (but my friends say I make them look like Shrek, so I guess that’s the other perspective!). I once campaigned for the British Labour Party door to door so wore a bright red woolly hat. In the group photo it was pointy and I looked exactly like a garden gnome who had crashed the photo.
    I’m couldn’t see the pointy nose at all. Really. I think on the spectrum of nose possibilities, to me you are blessed. But I get it too. I don’t like my nose from the side either. And I think my face looks too flat!

  9. WoW ❤️ Happy dragon new year 😉 I loved you before, and now I LOVE you more ❤️❤️❤️ amazing beautifull Brave human and soul 🤍🤍🤍 THANKS for always sharing. Always inspiring and always showing up

  10. You’re so wonderful ea full of compassion love and light. One of the most amazing person’s on the planet. We are all grateful for you and the cosmic society. Everyone here amazing souls and will always be grateful for the cosmic society. Sending positive vibration, unconditional love to you and everyone.sorry you are having trauma still. I truly believe you can overcome anything.i never liked child abuse.in no way did you or anyone deserve that.you are always honest and am sooo grateful you shared this.i wanted to go to the live event but am 3000 miles away .

  11. Girl, I’m not a person of many words so I will tell you this once: drop the “there’s too much of me” nonsense! THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH OF YOU!!!! Get that deep into your head and keep going. Sending love, always❤️

  12. I mostly use glass pipes when I smoke weed.a few weeks ago I rolled a joint and one of my buddies thought I got it from the dispensary lol.ea you were 1 years old when I started smoking weed

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for being so vulnerable and genuine. My heart was with you and I can resonate with some of your experiences. I think you are beautiful human, 🌼sending you, Nat, and Bodie the best vibes ✨

  13. I saw AE on that ufo show! UFO Witness. I am like her, I dislike these kinda shows. I think these shows try to condition us to react negatively when disclosure happens and contract and hurt others. First of all, visitors are celestial beings. They do not appreciate the term alien. It caries a very negative energy here. Keep all the wonderful energy and information flowing. We need the help!

    Thank you for sharing with us. It gives others the courage to do the same.

  14. EA, as someone relatively new to your content and having the great honor meeting you in Las Vegas and this last weekend in L.A. all I can tell you is book BIGGER rooms for your events! Your support is exploding! Coming from someone that most in this community would consider to be atypical to this material. (from Wyoming, right-leaning, has a Industrial Supply business that supports the ‘rough workers.’, etc..) All I can say is- FUCK YA!! (a few will understand that) lol

  15. It was very nice to get to listen to Elizabeth, and not just Elizabeth April! I think you are an amazing and beautiful soul! I’m so glad I found my way to your platform!! Thank you not only for helping humankind with your gift, but thank you just for being you.

  16. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your human side with us 🙂 Have to jump on and share a few things too because of the similarities.

    Firstly, go you for showing up with no make up! This something I’m still challenging myself with – I’m 40 and still have crazy skin issues at times (acne, dermatitis, sunspots, urticaria, staph, eczema, take your pick haha) and I tend to wear make up more days than not. That could also be my Libra Sun aesthetic coming through (plus Cap Moon, Aquarius Rising). People also say I look young for my age and I tell them it’s my breakouts keeping me looking youthful haha. My skin stuff always flares when I need to do any emotional work, I feel like I need a less obvious sign from my body! haha.

    I love a declutter, clean and organise too. Donating or throwing away things always refreshes the energy and makes space for new energy to come through.

    I’ve also experienced Lupus (also in remission) and it’s not something I’d wish on anyone! I’ve had other auto-immune issues too, which I feel often goes hand in hand with being a lightworker, starseed or psychically gifted. Having autoimmune gifted me clairsentience and being able to interpret the pain or messages our bodies try to tell us (this comes through in readings I do for others).

    I’m also a fan of random docos based in nature – Opal Hunters is a good one or I love watching solo travellers on youtube, camping by themselves or capturing beautiful drone shots as they trek through amazing places. There’s a guy in Tassie (Australia) who snipes for gold in the river beds that’s really relaxing to watch too.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring as I’ve been getting to call to show up authentically and fully own me and my galactic side, so here I am 🙂 Also strongly resonate with the Pleiadians, Lemurians and been told I have Lyran energies too.

  17. Piece of chocolate, a diet coke, a joint and naked in the garden sun hahahha loved it!
    Ps you are just as beautiful with or without make-up! I see no difference, just more of the real you!! ✨️🤍

  18. Thank you for your vulnerability Elizabeth. And I just graduated from Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo! STAY GOLDEN!
    I was not a McMasters grad. 🧑‍🎓 😊 I am a late bloomer and just starting my PhD at 56 years of age. But I’m doing it!! 😄
    You’re lovely and have helped me incredibly on my awakening. I’ve heard many channellers on GAIA and you seemed to resonate with me the most. Thank you for all that you do. ❤️🙏

  19. Love! Love! Love! This!
    You are such an amazing talented, gifted, loving, creative, smart, funny, cute, human/alien!!!
    Often the things we dislike about ourselves, are exactly the things others around us adore!
    Such as your fresh faced, naturally flowing hair in whatever condition, style, color it may be.
    And let’s not forget that cute little button nose. I would say it’s more like snow white, than a witch.
    It’s the things that you’ve mentioned that make our human worth the adventure of being here, as much as we wish it wasn’t at times.
    It’s the lessons, the experiences, the highs, the lows, the the good, the bad & everything in the middle that helps shape and create who we are today!
    I’ve been following your journey for a few years now, and I’m seen the transformations of this beautiful butterfly spread her wings and take flight!
    Constantly flying higher and higher into many various realms of existence. But in doing so you’ve taken many people along with you!
    We each lift each other higher as we ride and glide through the thermals, the winds of change, with the attitude of gratitude we soar higher!
    No matter how far or distant one may seem in 3D, we are always connected as one energy in the 5D realms as you share your life, insights, knowledge!
    A rising tide lifts all boats, just our collective energies raise each others frequencies moving and creating this new earth we are all creating!
    One thought, one action, one spark of inspiration, one video, one book, one kind word, one act of kindness, one voice, one community, one united energy!
    We love you for everything who you are, smelly oily hair and all your quirks! That’s what makes you, you. We are all on this journey of life together!
    Much Love and Light from Qld Australia to you and your clan!
    I look forward to not only feeling and interacting with your energy through the 5D realm, but seeing your beautiful smile as we high five each other in the 3D!

  20. He is not walking yet!!!!!!! Just wait till you are RUNNING after him!!!!!!!!! I had 3 boys in a row. They are 45, 43, and 42 now. I think the third one helps the perfectionism A LOT. At that point you are not worried about doing everything right. (Which I think is your biggest anxiety problem…….. YOUR PERFECTIONISM.) but you are just trying to survive the day. You figure if they are all alive and you haven’t lost or murdered anyone, you are in good shape. Another anxiety breaker is live ONE DAY AT A TIME. I liked what the evangelist Billy Graham’ wife said, by the time you have your third kid, you don’t care if their pajamas match. I had another boy when I was 40. By then you know that most of the stuff you worried about, like behavior patterns, were just phases and they worked them out on their own. Fear of something happening to them is Intense with the first one. But I don’t think it ever goes away. You are an empath are you not? LET GO AND LET GOD. You CANNOT SCREW THIS UP. Easy does it. Rest rest rest. When the baby naps, you nap. Until he is 4 you will be going full speed. Love 💕 and kisses 💋 💋 joann

  21. Thank you for sharing, EA! We love all parts of you esp the human parts. I know it isn’t easy but for people like me, I feel understood. I have also had SA happen to me actually at the same ages you did for almost as long, and I am now unraveling those blocks I have because of my childhood traumas. You sharing this means maybe it’s time for me to start sharing my story because that is healing in a sense. Sharing is healing and I feel like I’ve learned a lot of that from you! You’re open and vulnerable, something we can all practice on. I have been watching for a year now and my life is completely different. My outlook is different. Life isn’t what it seems but we must protect our human beings because of it. So, thank you again for sharing pieces of your human w us. That is the true mission maybe, to master our humanness 💖 alchemizing the dark into the light

  22. Thanks EA for sharing your human side. You are so very much appreciated – you are so special since you are able to gather so many starseeds with your awesome way of waking us up. And I’m glad that I can listen to you every time I feel a little lost. It‘s just feels like sanity for me in all this insanity that‘s been going on in the outside world…

  23. I appreciate and respect all you do for us, your viewers. Thank you for being so open about yourself. I think it took a certain amount of courage to not have any make=up, bear your soul, etc. I love hearing about your human side. This is actually quite an outstanding video. Thank you, Elizabeth.

  24. I’m so curious what time you were born! My twin nieces were born within a day of you and it’s the most dynamic birth chart I’ve ever seen! I study astrology. You may already know that you have all the aspects: Grand trine with a kit, mystic rectangle and a grand cross! Thank you so much for sharing this video about you! I signed up for your retreat in Santa Monica. So looking forward to it!

  25. aw loved this one EA – Im almost 31 & 5ft1 as well, Canadian, and love crystals too!
    If you want to know more about your 3 signs.. the free app co-star is AMAZING at explaining it all, I think you would really enjoy it. Unsure if EA will even see the comment but maybe someone can tell her about it =)

    As always, THANKYOU EA

  26. Hello, I think it’s wonderful that you got on there and told us all those things about you. I believe that you’re a beautiful person and you look beautiful with or without make up and I really appreciate your videos because they really help me and have taught me a bunch of things.

  27. Hello Elizabeth,
    I love you’re sharing the true Elizabeth, without makeup and with grease hair, as you are. I like the honesty you’re talking about your vulnerability. I believe it’s a part of your healing process. Well done!
    You’re talking about long term problems with your skin/hair. I wanted to suggest you find an experienced acupuncturist, I believe they can help you with this. Alongside with your impatience. You can trust me, I am fully qualified acupuncturist(practicing in the UK) and I can clearly recognise the pattern 😊
    Wishing you the best ❤️

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