Solar Flares – CERN & Matrix Glitches 😱🧬πŸ’₯

  • April 2024

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Curious about solar flares, CERN, and glitches in the matrix? In this video EA explores the effects of solar events, potential agendas at play, and insights from the Galactic Federation. Expand your understanding of our changing reality & get prepared for the energy to come!! 🧬πŸ’₯

69 thoughts on “Solar Flares – CERN & Matrix Glitches 😱🧬πŸ’₯

  1. Recalling the β€œVictory Gardens” during World War II (or maybe also WWI, or both?)!

    BTW, what is β€œthe Shuman Residence” (spelling?) everyone? I must have missed that info along this journey with EA, LOL!

    Hearts all ❀️

  2. So grateful for you EA!! Absolutely love your energy and confidence. You have helped me feel so reassured about the chaos and confusion in my own life. Thank you for helping us all to remember. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  3. EA visited me in my dream last night! We sat down and had a meal together and there was this feeling like we have known each other for a long time. I could not make out the words we were saying but there was a sense of peace and mission surrounding the room we were in….

      1. β€œApril Ascension” 🐣

        β€œHop into a different timeline” πŸ‡πŸ°

        Feel the β€œ Christ consciousness” πŸ€—

        BE the β€œ Christ consciousness” ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

        β€œAlready happening”

        My bandaid has been tugged at for years and since I’m an ocean away from home I’m hoping no drastic ripping happens until after May.

        I was all β€œprepped” at home but of course Murphy law has my committed responsibilities elsewhere.

  4. Hi EA!

    I thought the comments about manifesting were interesting. Like focusing on what’s behind normal desires. Having a lot of money isn’t the real goal, it’s what you can do with the money.
    It reminds me of the analogy of “Ok, you now have a billion dollars! But you’re stuck in a hole with the money. Now what you really wanted, is it?”

    Once you’ve determined your real desires, do you have any recommendations on how to switch timelines to one where your desires are available? I’ve heard many many manifesting methods, but most obviously don’t work. Example: Some say to visualize in extreme detail like envisioning holding a check for the exact amount you want, however it’s been pointed out that you don’t want to restrict how the Universe provides the money, etc.!


  5. I strongly agree with EA’s recommendation to prepare for an electrical grid down possibility. Not just from solar flares, but also decades old infrastructure within the USA. Instead of fear, I recommend to StarSeeds to become Aware of good clean water sources. Like, your hot tub or pool, which you keep clean, or researching where the nearest fresh water lakes are to Your location. Or researching Rain catchment systems that capture rain from your roof that gets guided into a water tank. Lots of options. Remember, not too long ago the whole world survived without electricity. We just have to research to re-learn How. Choose to not just survive, but live. Blessings to EA & all StarSeeds.

  6. Hi April,
    Thank you for your update. Just sending you good healing energy after your video post. “Lots of people will die” is of course inevitable as we are in a human body and have been witness to so many body transitions in the past few years. We are still sovereign souls and our group mind process can change the course of the future events. If we stay in the moment we can provide peaceful environments in our own circles in spite of matrix glitches, passing souls, and bad forces in the world. Having a back up of supplies is what my grandparents have always done. It’s just good practice. Hopefully people did not get the impression of living in panic and fear as it does easily trigger our human body survival that wants to stay at all costs. I had to check my own panic moment. There is a great collective here in which we can be supportive together no matter what the New Earth process will be. I look forward to the transition with recognition that the labor may be painful for a bit, but the birth will be amazing as all miracles of birth are. Thank you for your posts you are a gem!

  7. This day has been absolute chaos, observing it all, laughing and trusting. Watching this video made me feel not so alone; thank you! Eat all the sugar, maybe a comfort your body is seeking due to the madness. πŸ™‚ Thank you April. WHAT IS LIFE..

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