Mind-Blowing Glitches In the Matrix 2020

  • July 2021

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In this video titled Mind-Blowing Glitches In the Matrix 2020, the presenter discusses quantum physics and the concept of glitches in the matrix. They explain the differences between the third dimension (3D) and the fifth dimension (5D), including the linear and singular nature of 3D and the simultaneous and lucid aspects of 5D. The presenter also shares some facts about quantum physics, such as the existence of solid objects as both particles and waves, the power of conscious thinking in creating ones reality, and how one can take control of what they create. They discuss the possibilities in space and time in 5D, including telekinesis, moving through objects, duplicating objects, and the ability to manipulate time. The presenter also introduces the concepts of quantum leaping and quantum convergence, and briefly touches on the Mandela effect. Overall, the video aims to provide viewers with an understanding of the quantum world and how they can take control of their physical reality.

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