February 2023 Monthly Message to Humanity

  • January 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April channels information for the month of February 2023. They predict that February will be a month of significant change and transition, which can bring both positive and challenging experiences. They encourage viewers to set intentions for the month and approach change with a mindset of unity. Elizabeth April also mentions the significance of the number two in numerology for February. They express gratitude for the viewers presence and invite them to continue their journey of awakening and expansion.

20 thoughts on “February 2023 Monthly Message to Humanity

  1. Thanks for your message!! My 11 year old woke up yesterday to seeing all the particles in the air coming together to form a life sized tiger in his room, as more particles came in the tiger became more solid, but of course he blinked and it wasn’t there anymore. I looked up the Tiger spirit animal and found out that they come to help give strength and courage during big changes and challenges. Perfect timing huh!?! lol

  2. you say, its difficult at the moment, to channel, whats up for the people. i must say, i heared your january video 5 days, before january was over. but it was exactly, what i did all over the month. i was manifesting like more than 50 things, not by plan, it just happened. and it shut down a little my meditation practice, so i wasnt totally happy with it. but when i saw your january video, where you said, in january, so many portals are open for manifestation, and what we will manifest in january, will keep on the whole year, then i saw, i intuitively did absolutely great. so what i want to say, from this example, you see, you are still very on point with your month-videos.

    what i didnt understand about that feb video, the channeling is clear and makes sense, but this numerology comment doesnt so much, as the month s have been changed (i think by the romans?). before was march the first (so aries is the first starsign), october the 8 (like octagon for eight), december was 10s (like decade is 10 years). so february in reality is the 12 s month, is what i heared. just as an info to maybe dive in, i am not expet with that, but makes sense in many ways… especially in the way, that it would bring more chaos in the world, and to make spiritual practises more complicated…

  3. So perfectly aligned & speaks to me b/c I can feel the shift ☺️ πŸ™‚ I’m on day 2 of 17 day Soul~O adventure through Thailand & Vietnam πŸ˜‡ I randomly woke at 3am here and seen the link to this video in my email. Thank you EA & all the feels I’m experiencing right now. Life is cute ☺️ Let’s play. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Now how do I go back to sleep from this lol

    1. Find the zero point of Love. When you feel the frequency of Love let it reverberate throughout your body. Then give it away. Project too people places, and things. Don’t forget to send some to Mother Earth. She always sends it back with more energy than what is freely given.
      ✨Love too all✨

  4. I do numerology a bit different to get the month I use the year in this case is seven plus the month a two as you said this add thought to nine the hermit card which talks of going within to find your inner wisdom. The year 2023 is about swift movement and I would say there have been swift changes so far

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