August 2023 Message to Humanity

  • July 2023

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The video is a message to humanity in August 2023, addressing the theme of family and ancestral trauma. Elizabeth April encourages recognizing and healing generational patterns, particularly regarding addiction. They discuss the impact of clearing ancestral trauma, emphasizing the quantum nature of healing that affects both past and future generations. The importance of family connections and the suggestion to do cord-cutting exercises are mentioned. Elizabeth April also directs viewers to their website for more content on family-related topics. The video concludes by mentioning that the theme for the month is animals and pets, with recommendations for videos about spirit animals and telepathic communication with animals.

118 thoughts on “August 2023 Message to Humanity

  1. I’ve been drawn to ask questions about my ancestors this month. I have some things to heal when it comes to my relationships and I feel like they are generational/ancestral issue that were present long before I was born. I also think it’s coming. Up because I’ve been spending more time with my ancestor altar.

  2. Trauma healing is infinite, yes. So many families suffer and are estranged for various reasons. In cases of real and severe abuse, cord-cutting may be the best choice. Otherwise, stubborn silence only prolongs trauma.

  3. You have a beautiful mission and I appreciate you! I don’t usually comment online but I want to share a phrase that has resonated for me recently and feels relevant; “Blood makes you related but choice makes you family.” Bright blessings to you.

  4. Omg today I decided to go for a walk since I am breaking some habits that is not serving me anymore in this new stage of my beautiful life and your video about the Lion’s gate came up in my YouTube channel and on the end you brought tears to my face!!! You’re a bundle of joy and you make all this deep work feel so light! I just subscribed there and here and I am excited to explore the work that you’re sharing since I have being guided to do the same! Thank you for being here and for your love and light EA and thank you for my guides sending you to me!!!❤️🙏🏻

  5. Im SO glad Ive been doing the steps my entire life and recognizing. Funny, yes BOTH my parents were alcoholics and since my mom passed I sure realized I drink too much when im sad, SO I quit that and told myself no more drinking when sad or alone. Only when I’m with others and in a GOOD mindset I may have a few coolers . Cutting waaaay back on caffeine really helps anxieties too! and yes cutting cords, tons, even without writing letters

    thankYOU EA

  6. EA! Can we talk about the Lion’s Gate portal? I’ve heard from a Pleiadian starseed channeler that this is a false light energy trap constructed by the free masons.. and well, you know who. It is centered around Jesus’ walk to his crucifixion, and sacrifices feed into it every year. Many light workers get duped into putting energy into it, for purposes of manifestation, etc. If it is something that feels right for us all, can we band together and close it?

  7. When I first heard this video, it was as if it was for me. In my family, there is from my great great grandfather’s line of alcoholism and mental illness (the mental illness gets relieved by abusing alcohol, a vicious cycle!).. that has followed until I was blessed to not have this horrible affliction; however, I’m dealing with this on a daily basis with my mother. I’m trying to visualize the white light but Idk what I’m doing. She’s a loving, wonderful, giving, self sacrificing person that only stops drinking part of the time for me.

  8. I Had alcoholism on both sides of my family. I hated booze when I was a little girl. I joined the club and drank until blackouts for many many moons. My last drink was on June 17th 2004 (DUI). My grandchildren were born after that time. There is still addiction in our family, but it has lessened. I feel like I helped the alcoholism with my abstinence. This was my piece. 🧩 in our family’s jigsaw puzzle. I have worked on the feminine linage & when I healed something in me, it seemed to heal all the women in our family going up and going down the line.
    Thanks for the content! Kisses for your baby!💋👼.

  9. Thankyou, I have definitely been drawed to working on family in last few months to current, you are so right the ripel affects of working on one’s self to there family is massive. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day. Much love 🥰

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