July 2023 Message to Humanity

  • July 2023

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In this video titled July 2023 Message to Humanity, Elizabeth April taps into the energy of the month and shares their intuitive insights. They discuss the quantum multi-dimensionality of July, highlighting the potential for time dilation and glitches in the matrix. Elizabeth April advises viewers to be aware of their environment and recommends grounding oneself if the energy feels overwhelming. They also suggest playing with timelines and manifesting during this period. Additionally, the video promotes entrepreneurship and announces upcoming content on the topic. Elizabeth April concludes by expressing love and appreciation for their audience.

151 thoughts on “July 2023 Message to Humanity

  1. You know what? This is crazy. In July something very strange started happening to me. Whenever I drove my car, my perception of movement was all f*cked up! I was driving 100km/h (I think it’s maybe around 60 mph) and it felt like I was driving at 50 km/h. I’d be on the highway and have that strange experience that it felt like I wasn’t moving at all. I tried to explain that to my boyfriend but he couldn’t understand it. He only understood that my movement perception was all messed up. He believed me but didn’t know what to think about it.

    So watching this video really blows my mind! lol And about things that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, my boyfriend and I have been experiencing these for the last 3 years. We call them “Matrix moments”. So I get what you say!

  2. Super freaky with timelines. My car went in the garage for 1 day to have some work done on the engine .. nothing electrical.. when I picked my car back up… the time had changed forward by 1 hour 3 mins.. I was like how is that even possible? 🀯

  3. One time I was bying flowers and I couldn’t decide between blue or white.. so after about 10 minutes of trying to decide I took the Blue and paid for them and Walked away.. and then I just turned around and asked The lady if I can switch then for the white ones and I did… I came back home and take them out from the bag and they were blue! This was such a funny glitch

  4. Hi fellow StarSeeds, I noticed this time “slowing down”, which was in my reality nice, because I felt like I was able to get more done. Then some days though it was all fast again, also even though time seems to be bouncing around for my celestial mind, it also seems to be staying a certain rate for other aspects of life, for instance, I planted midsummer plants in my greenhouse and most of them said germinates in 10-15 days in the instructions. Although it ended up being only about 5 days before before I noticed actual sprouts on my sowed seeds. Can this happen? Also I’v been listening to your book on Audible “You’re not dying you’re just waking up.” Mind blown on the fact similar situations and thought processes you’ve talked about. I had them too. And continue to have them.

  5. So the other day I was upset because all the forks were missing. Knowing where everything is in my tiny little place comes easy,but what I couldn’t understand is what happened to my forks. Then it hit me.its the other demetional me.the reason why your missing your forks is because something happened in another timeline that you gave away or left your fork somewhere out of the the normal.

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