May Message to Humanity 2023

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the month of May 2023 as a time of rebirth and the ending of old energies. They emphasize the importance of mindfulness during this transitional period and encourage viewers to identify anything that is no longer serving them. Elizabeth April recommends exploring the concept of mindfulness through the rest of their videos and notes that those who have already dealt with their challenges will experience ease, clarity, and opportunities, while those who havent may face more challenges. The video ends with a reminder to set intentions and address anything unresolved before moving forward.

55 thoughts on “May Message to Humanity 2023

  1. I don’t know what’s holding me back. I was very open years ago and had gotten super depressed. Its been going on for years with depression and anxiety, it has been getting better but still struggling. I have just came across your YouTube channel just this past week. That being said, years ago in meditation I met whom I believe is Astar? I had completely forgotten about that meditation. Listening to you helped me remember him telling me telepathically that when I am ready, to come to him. I feel a pull to do so. I feel like it’s time, but I also don’t know how to reach that point where I was years ago. When I try and tap in it seems as though he’s telling me that I need to get my stuff in order. I feel he is telling me to get ready and that It’s time. Which is giving me anxiety because I don’t know how to get back to that state of mind. Any help or advice? I feel that it is extremely important and that is why I am writing on here. I’m not used to any social media etc. this is all new to me. If I am out of line or not in the proper chat etc. I apologize.
    I also apologize for the long comment, I also want to say that watching you and listening to everything you have to say Is absolutely incredible! You are one amazing soul!!!!!

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