September 2023 Message to Humanity

  • September 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the energy of September 2023, describing it as divisive and a battle between light and dark. They mention the possibility of fluctuations in emotions and globally through news events. Elizabeth April also discusses the role of conspiracy theories and alternative news resources in understanding the darkness and navigating chaotic times. They encourage manifestation during times of chaos and discuss topics like reptilians, the shadow government, and conspiracy theories in greater detail. Overall, they express excitement about the Great Awakening and encourage viewers to stay positive and focused.

170 thoughts on “September 2023 Message to Humanity

  1. If this is a virtual reality and we can create anything we want with our focus, why then, should we even be concerned about shadow BS. It pulls us away from our own creation.
    I sometimes feel hijacked, when these issues come up, and lose focus on what I want to create. It frustrating, until I put myself back in my own shoes.

  2. I used to dive deep trying to understand. Especially after Standing Rock and everything that has happened since. But as of a couple years ago i realized I do more good standing in the Light. That is where I try to remain, but can’t help getting riled up about injustice at times. But I’m tired. So being creative and kind is what I try to focus on. Love the make up free non brushed look. Awesome!

  3. Hi Elizabeth been watching and listening to you for awhile now on u tube.I’m starting to understand how this world we are in is run and some of the players and the hierarchy.My theory anyway.I’ve-gone thru all emotions from anger to trying to forget it but once you know you can’t not know.I believe that humanity needs to be re educated about the truth of our history which the education system has not taught at allThe thing is that most of the answers are in plain sight and no one sees it.Myself included until l started to ask myself questions.Anyway still learning.Hope to speak to you someday and talk about all that is and living in Canada. Cheers

  4. I simply love the word beautiful and how many times you use it. I use it quite a lot too haha. everything is beautiful when you look at everything from the highest dimension, beautiful. Love from Your Sirian friend 🐬

  5. Thank you for the reminder about what a great opportunity it is to manifest whilst chaos is pretty full on. I’m gonna try and seize that possibility to my fullest since it goes pretty hand in hand with me wanting to focus more on the light work than digging deeper into the why of the dark side. 💫

    I believe we had a 5D conversation last night by the way. 😅 It’s a pretty new experience to me but it was certainly very interesting (scary and funny at the same time).

    Thank you for your important work! 🙏🏼

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