Members Q&A: Bermuda Triangle, Astral Projecting, Spirit Guides, Reptilian Karma ++

  • February 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April answers various questions from members. They discuss topics such as the Bermuda Triangle, astral projection, spirit guides, reptilian karma, and extreme temperature changes. Elizabeth April shares personal experiences and insights, providing information on these subjects.

68 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Bermuda Triangle, Astral Projecting, Spirit Guides, Reptilian Karma ++

  1. That last question about karma….The example you used EA when you said taking it to the authorities is the right thing to do and taking it was wrong. I dont believe taking it to the authorities is the “right” thing to do. I think theres more corruption there honestly. So if someone is taking the money because it was on the street and found it which would be me, I would believe I found the money and it was left there. If I gave it to the cops then someone else comes into the money (crooked cops) I dont think that would come back on me because my intensions were never bad and I dont feel I was doing anything wrong. I feel like its pretty subjective dont you think? Or maybe there are too many strict rules in this universe and I should try a new one next life time lol because thats no fun! I also give a lot of stuff away so maybe that would be my gift from the universe (insert laughing emoji here LOL)

  2. Navada, wazzzup neighbor. Utah. I was directed by higher self to move from Michigan to here, by the number 11. Im starting to c y. Live in the mountains of the great uintah basin. 6766 feet elevation. Im studing thi chi gung. Will be a master lamba. Helping to bring humanity home. Happy and frustrated all at the same time. Love ur work and sertin we r soul family. Thanks for all u do.

  3. Yes, yes, yes ,yes. As a ster seed. Indego and now seeing a crystalline shift. Im sooooo missing home. But understanding our importance to this cosmos. Oh, i aked Timothy to visit. We will c. Im ready for the shift to the 5th d. I know im a galactic federation of light member and a jedi. Cant believe i agreed to come back. As a earth graduate, i chose to return for the ascension of all of humanity. But this reincarnation seems to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Agape agape agape. In short, i need a vacation. Cant wait to help us to move on. Sourse bless. All good. I neeeeeeed a vacation.

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