Members Q&A: Timelines, Karma, Anger & Emotions, GFL Past Lives ++

  • June 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses various topics including her personal update, the experience of being in Nevada, the upcoming travel plans, and the challenges of parenthood. They also answer questions about cutting energetic cords, shifting timelines, and dealing with anger and frustration. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of cutting cords and the ongoing process of purging old karma. They also discuss the role of anger and frustration in the current time and suggest ways to address and release these emotions. Overall, Elizabeth April encourages embracing personal growth and holding a high vibrational frequency amidst current challenges.

75 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Timelines, Karma, Anger & Emotions, GFL Past Lives ++

  1. EA…. You mentioned your wife with back pain, do you think she needs to talk to her inner child? I’ve found that addressing my inner child helped significantly decrease my lower back pain issues. Just throwing it out there!

  2. You look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing about yourself, Nat and Bodhi. I am very happy for you. Thanks for bringing up solar activity. By the way, I seem to go through cycles of horrible, scary dreams to periods of calm, uplifting dreams. Awesome questions, as always. Any chance it could be extended, even just fifteen or twenty minutes?

    1. To post in the website forum you can get an opportunity to connect not ony with Elizabeth April but with like-minded people and you can find support and feel inspired interacting with lightworkers around the world. While posting question in the Q&A means that on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month EA will hop on zoom live and you can have the chance to answer your biggest questions if your question was choosen. ! Without censorship, EA can go even deeper with the information she channels and provides!

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