Members Q&A: Discernment, Intervening & Karma, Covid Vaccine, Mind Control ++

  • October 2023

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In this video, the host answers questions from viewers about various topics such as discernment, karma, mind control, and healing. They also share personal experiences and insights while providing guidance and advice. The video encourages community interaction and emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and supporting each other on the spiritual journey.

111 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Discernment, Intervening & Karma, Covid Vaccine, Mind Control ++

  1. I’m not sure if I commented already but this Q & A. Totally helped me personally bc I had posted a question about the vaccine. I refused to ever believe something that is an illusion could hurt me spiritually. But I see so many of the spiritual channeled message YouTube channels are titled “FOR UNVAXED ONLY. Thank you to whomever asked the question for the Q & A. I just started dipping into the forums and the energy is so lovely and inspiring. I’m so glad I came across EA on YouTube and found my way here. So grateful to EA and the admins as well as the community.

  2. Thank you for “question everything”. I watched a ton of your videos and then I went on YouTube and instagram and searched to find similar videos to find information to confirm – or maybe even disprove – what I had learned here. Definitely confirmed

  3. Could you ask what was up with the heavens gate cult 😅 they supposedly were talking with an extraterrestrial being who told them to kill themselves to come to their ship…. Always wondered who they may have been talking with

  4. Great Q&A as always! I’ve been in the habit of infusing my water with my intentions for a couple of years now. Dolores Cannon mentioned it in one of her lectures on her youtube channel. Then I heard EA bring it up during a GFL meeting and also talked about infusing the food and water with the crystalline energy of the universe to activate my DNA and heal my body. So, now I do that every time I have a drink or eat food. Never thought that my pee and excrement could be charging Mother Earth. LOL. Awesome!

  5. This was awesome as usual. I appreciate this while discussion and am very inspired! Recently, my husband and I were inspired to pick up from what we thought was our forever home in New Hampshire and move to North Dakota. We found the perfect place right in the Missouri River. I am leaving behind a beautiful property that I was inspired to “plant” crystals in the 4 corners as a thank you and cleansing to Mother Gaia. There is a small creek bordering the property that I have been slowly cleaning up and just yesterday felt sad that I was leaving it. I am now inspired to throw some of my selenite hearts in with intentions. Thank you so much!!!!
    PS the Missouri River will be receiving some too!
    I truly love you all 💕

  6. Thank you!!!! My WIFI was out for 3 hrs on Sunday so I didn’t get this til today! Bless you and Thank You, it absolutely did not feel right and her message the very next day was even more horrible!!!! I am fine I am clear! Love you EA

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