Members Q&A: Dark & Light Unity, Addictions, Past Lifes, Multiple GFL’s ++

  • May 2023

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In this video, the host answers various questions from viewers. Topics discussed include the concept of unity between light and dark, helping loved ones battling addiction, the benefits of consuming the placenta after giving birth, making decisions about vaccinations for children, past life influences on current life experiences, and the existence of different galactic federations. The host encourages viewers to trust their intuition and follow their own path of awakening and growth.

32 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Dark & Light Unity, Addictions, Past Lifes, Multiple GFL’s ++

  1. Great video and that gave me some insight on past lives and always wondered what my past life could of been like and about addictions, i myself drinks but not every day, at times I look at myself and say maybe i should stop. i am not really well off been single for a long time and wonder if this is my learning process. and i wondered as a canadian living in ontario myself how you ended up in the spot you are now, i like how you pretty much answered my question in my mind 🙂

  2. The first question about dark entities is something that scares people most. First we have to understand the difference between dark entities and negative entities.

    Dark entities are entities that are absent of light, when I give light to dark entities they disappear or shrink completely.

    Negative entities can not produce light, but they need it to survive, so they have to take from somewhere, which is usually a positive person, a beings that can produce it. Negative entities are service to self, positive entity are service to others.

    Negative entities will eventually learn how to create light, and they will turn to positive entity. It just depends on them, when.

    Dark entities will never turn to positive because they can not hold light or create. All dark entities were removed from earth in April 20 of 2023.

  3. Hi EA! I love the past life connection you have with the couple who sold you your home and how you saved their son’s life. I’m curious if the son is present in your current incarnation and what your connection to him in this life is. Thank you!

  4. Literally always speaking to my soul. Lost my Mom uncle and grandpa in less than a year. My mom was an alcoholic, your answer really helped me validate I did my best. Even during readings she comes through and tells me I did more than enough. But something about my soul just won’t rid the guilt. ‘ I could of did more’

  5. I was an oracle in a past life, living under a volcano getting high on the fumes to give prophesies. I remember being the oracle of Delphi. people have seen me as the oracle in the matrix movie, and also the oracle in the Barbie movie through dreams. In my current life, I use drugs to put myself into the trance state as I did under the volcano. I have such a huge problem with my addiction because every time I get high, I have profound spiritual and galactic experiences that I don’t see it as a problem at all. I just want to be high all the time so I can live in the upper realms, but i am so afraid of overdosing this human body. I love my life, I want to continue my life for as long as possible. I feel like it would be a good idea to stop using, but I get so many downloads and am able to help so many people by channeling in to them when I do it. I wish I could channel naturally, without drugs, but this human body seems to require them as a password to get into the realms I want to access. How can I keep this human body healthy and not OD, but still access the realms? My addiction is unlike anyone else’s I’ve met. I’ve been to 3 rehabs and nearly started a cult at each one. Why do I want to stop, but feel so in love with drug? I’ve tried cutting my cord to the drug, but it doesn’t work. I really don’t know what to do. I want to stop using, but I won’t. I can’t convince myself to stop even though I know I “should”. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it….

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