Members Q&A: Energetic Implants, Vivid Dreams, Alignment & Abundance, Intrusive Thoughts ++

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April answers a series of questions from viewers. They discuss topics such as energetic implants, vivid dreams, alignment and abundance, intrusive thoughts, and the relationship between purpose and financial abundance. Elizabeth April provides insights and guidance on each topic, drawing from personal experiences and channeling. The overall message is about the importance of understanding our own power, setting healthy boundaries, and embracing both light and dark aspects of ourselves.

41 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Energetic Implants, Vivid Dreams, Alignment & Abundance, Intrusive Thoughts ++

  1. I’m new here and am learning and have to say this video has been quite informative to me. I don’t consider myself to be religious, but I was raised Christian and I had one experience when I was about 7 years old what felt like being connected to source – like experiencing this inner peace feeling almost like a calming wind. After that experience I immediately became aware of disturbing thoughts in my mind and I have been struggling with anxiety for most of my life. Part of it is related to the family system and upbringing, but also what felt like spirtual attacks. I also feel energies of other people in my environment. I was practising with spiritual protection and I noticed it helps when disturbing thoughts come into my awareness. I visualize disconnecting from that like almost closing down my imagination when I can feel that coming in. Also with energies that feel heavy from other people. Cord cutting does seem to help for me in that way. I have developed a behavioural pattern in terms of ruminating and overthinking in my life. I have a very vivid imagination and I’m sometimes tricked via my imagination into fear. I’m now starting to practise with gratitude and disconnecting from what doesn’t serve me. Thank you for putting out this video 🙂

  2. Where’s my re-affirmaitons? Haha. have made my amends in the past and it seems my thoughts are always trying to keep me stuck. I am in control of my life. I am present. I am no longer the person I was. I will not allow any person, being, entity, energy from any time timeline, person,place, object, or situation to have any power over me. This is my lifetime, my experience, my lessons, my place of oneness and no one elses. As far my dreams, woke up in an ah-ha moment n June just to forget the download and believe the download is there. I heard that sexual dreams are or were a sign of dark energy are entity around? I haven’t had actual sex in almost two years, so I think my consciousness is trying to tell me it’s a natural thing, although it’s my responsibility to take action according to whether it’s for my better good or being stuck in that old energy. I resonate with this video and many others.

  3. OB here, just wanted to say HI and already extremely happy that i leveled up my membership with this one video! Thanks EA for doing what you do and excited to continue my journey with the new fam.

  4. I occasionally dream of being pulled by a strong rotating wind but to my surprise my body get streched while my feet are still touching the ground and also i was taken back to the formation of the planet earth before the first rain and by that time i was flying above alone but i could hear a word and the word was explaining everything to me.pls help me

  5. Another great Q&A! Thank you for explaining weird dreams and psychic attacks. I’ve been having a few weird dreams lately where I’m battling shadow beings. They would attack me and I would fight them off with my thoughts. I was fully aware that I was dreaming and I couldn’t wake up. I had to go through the battle and make sure that these beings were sent away. After hearing your explanation, I now realize that it was most likely a training simulation. At least that’s what it seems like to me now.
    And your answer about how to handle intrusive thoughts gave me validation to how I have been handling intrusive thoughts over these past couple of years. Every time I had a bad thought, I would say, “Get out of my head! You don’t belong here. Thanks for showing me the wrong way and I ‘m sending you love but now you have to go.” It used to be hard to get rid of these thoughts but here lately it’s almost immediate that they leave when I send them love.
    I always find great wisdom in your words EA. Thank you and sending much love to you and the family!

  6. What you said about finding balance between your output and input deeply resonated with me and I feel like it may be the reason why I struggle with bringing more abundance into my life. It’s something that I’m currently working on and it helps A LOT! Thank you ❤️

  7. Thank you as always, for covering such a diverse array of topics, so succinctly and with so much helpful advice. Because you cover so many topics, there are always a few that most of us will likely relate to, and have thought about for years, without even realizing. You are so reassuring and straightforward, and I am soooo appreciative!

  8. These Q&A are always awesome. The information, the advice, experiences shared is extremely helpful. Both the questions and answers are incredible. Would it be at all possible to lengthen the Q&A for about twenty to thirty minutes?

  9. This was INCREDIBLE!!! Answered all of my real questions with straight forward no bullshit answers. I’ve spent almost the past year seeking the truth about what and why I am experiencing and in just one hour Elizabeth provided the explanation. These were every one my #1 Question. I hit pause and rewind at least 10 times writhing notes. I paid a lot of money and asked someone else I follow why I was fearful when ETs present to me in the flesh and what could I do because I want this and ask them in remote viewing then get scared … her answer was, “You cannot be afraid or they won’t come”. Are you fucking kidding! I paid $160 for that answer. I cannot believe how hard it has been to try and get these answers. Honestly, I’m at a loss for words other than THANK YOU!!!!!! ✨💜✨ And, I’m cancelling all other memberships and 100% following everything you present. Hope you girls and the Baby are doing great! My boys are adults now and worth every second of every day.

  10. Holy cow… the dream part is so spot on for me. And it keeps not wanting to play. I’ve been talking to my counselor about my dreams because they’re so real and I FEEL them like when I got speared through the heart. I felt that. It was crazy. A shaman was hunting me. He kissed me & rolled me into a ravine. I just kept telling myself I had to keep going. I just crawled &dragged myself to a river. I don’t wake up anymore. I have to set my alarm to wake up. Or my husband will wake me up if he’s still in bed when I’m having those dreams. It’s absolutely amazing. And driving off a bridge used to be an intrusive thought. Knife in hand was another… wow. Now I have a higher voice that positively coaches me. It’s me. I think.

    1. Me too! Last week I jumped off a tall bridge I felt my body hit the ground and instantaneously recognized I was in Soul form but my Soul was dying too. I remember looking at my boyfriend in Soul form and felt a deep pain I’ve never experienced before as I said, “ Holy Shit” I’m really dying. I woke up screaming and crying. It was my worst travel ever and I’ve had a lot. I called my Mom hysterical I couldn’t shake it and I kept the lines on all night and was afraid to go back to sleep. Two days later after seeking answers everywhere to no avail, I told myself I had to get over it. I reasoned my Soul was dying to be reborn. It was confusing though because I read the collective consciousness and have been trying to understand when it’s me. EAs explanation provided the answers I was seeking. Much Love and Light to you Soul Sister! ✨💜✨🌸

  11. Yes, they do not like any type of confrontation. But stay high frequency when you are doing this. Thank you for letting me know that you are here. I have to go now.. Thank you dear Elizabeth 🙏💙💙💙

  12. you freaking rock. we love you so much! thank you ALWAYS. your affirmations and statements always shift so much for me. im so grateful to you! also honestly i really like that these aren’t live… its a calmer energy in my personal opinion. thank you for this, this alone was like a master class haha. youre freaking amazing <3

  13. If I commented on everything, I’d be writing for an hour about how much I appreciate you and value your teachings, EA! Again, I just love you so much! You hero you! Your 66-year-old superfan!

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