Members Q&A: Programming Water, Empath Benefits, 5G Effects, Neutral Aliens ++

  • July 2023

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In this Q&A video, the host discusses various topics, including programming water with intentions, the benefits of being an empath, the effects of Wi-Fi and 5G on humans, and the possibility of neutral aliens. The host also shares a personal experience and answers questions from viewers.

62 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Programming Water, Empath Benefits, 5G Effects, Neutral Aliens ++

  1. Thank you for sharing about your parents divorce.. I grew up with 2 parents in a loveless marriage, they didn’t split until all the kids were moved out. I wished I could have seen my parents truly happy and in love.. few years later, I just separated with my husband and am now living back in my hometown with my 4 kids. I want them to see me truly happy cause I want nothing but the best for them.

  2. Hi EA
    Yes,Please, make a video on the movie sound of freedom and your feelings about it.
    Here in France it is said that it won’t be released in any movie theater.
    Fortunately it’s circulating underground through telegram groups.
    It’s the first time to my knowledge that such an OMERTA is done.
    They usually rate the PG18 but to censure a movie release never seen it before! they are definitely scared !

  3. Thank you for everything, including the big energetic hug. As always, very good questions and answers. I appreciate all that you do for us, especially when you have so much else going on. Sending much love to Nat and Bodhi.

  4. Hi EA, I wanted to know how much insight and info do you have into the Global Human Trafficking thing and with Dark ETs and the Cabal being at the benefit head of the problem. They Taygetans from Cosmic Agency say that the Dark Ones are responsible. Can you share around it please?

  5. Great that you only do what you really love! So inspiering! Hire different guests/contributers/creators for meditations/motivations/activations that would be SUPERAWSOME! To give people a space to share their gifts and contribute to your playform/croud/tribe wow that would be really beautiful. A next level thing In my opinion ❤️ I would be so existed for that 🤩 to meet more gifted starbeings like yourself through this space, such a gooooood idea

  6. Hi EA, I am so happy you are working on clearing the energy grid in Las Vegas. I have lived there for about 8 years of my life , & even though my family still lives there and I graduated at UNLV, I cannot stay there. I have tried 3 times. I am just too different and weird and “out there” to be able to relate with the average las Vegas person, even on the surface level. On top of that, it is trashed, there are terrible drivers (this is everywhere but especially in Vegas, it feels dangerous and life threatening to drive many times), and it seems what most people care about there is instant gratification in all aspects (drugs, gambling, dating, food, alcohol, shopping, sex, plastic surgery etc). Las Vegas, in my perspective, as well as maybe other bigger cities, is a prominent general picture of how America is, and probably at least the direct effect of how the world really works (extreme conditioning, brainwashing, resulting in collective unconsciousness and being controlled). I’ve always half joked with anyone I’d make conversation with about my experience in this city, that Vegas is a black hole. Not that I know what that feels like, but that’s what it would be 😅 However, I feel very connected to the land, in particular Red Rock. But still, I had to move away. So I’m happy there is someone out there dedicating their focus on healing this part of the grid.
    Now that that is out of the way, I don’t really do guided meditations, mine are more spontaneous and just tuning into myself with meditation music. I’d prefer the podcasts, but I mostly listen to your content through your website & YouTube.

    However what I really wanted to say is, I appreciate you and what you do for humanity, regardless of how much content you put out. I actually would prefer less, or the same, only due to wanting to keep and maintain quality insights and wisdom that you choose to share with us, and giving us , and you , the time and space to discover and expand on these truths on our own. I do catch myself watching all of your videos, sometimes 2 or 3 times depending on how much I need to relisten to the message. I also follow a couple more teachers, so I can sometimes get overwhelmed with discovering all of the new content when I don’t catch myself in time to take a necessary break to integrate it into my physical life and my inner world. Also, I find the other two teachers are starting to lose quality to get the quantity. They tend to be repeating themselves at this point. I feel like what you have to share with the world, and how you obtain this knowledge and information, is important and your unique gift. I am happy to see new content on your pages, and I know I learn something new each time, and that you love sharing this with us in all the ways you can and enjoy doing. I know that you have dove into this topic yourself, but I just wanted to share my perspective with you. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. 😊

  7. I am trying to be a past life hypnosis. I am early in my traing can you or your staff give me some information or comments of how I can get started doing this.. I really try to help people I am a sever empath. So much I have to live with out being around people

  8. Steven Greer does not say “All” ET’s are good – those with whom he communicates want to help up – he just wants the truth of the shadow government to be known to all of us. We all know their are ET’s that have agendas that are not in our best interest.

    1. Agreed. He also points out that craft we are seeing can belong to our military. Yet they would rather us believe that they are not from Earth. If Steven is serving a dark agenda, does he possibly not realize?

  9. Great video as always. Just on the ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie part – there is a conspiracy theory going around that it’s not as good as it first appears and that’s it’s a fear film to scare parents into microchipping their children, as part of the big agenda. I would love to hear EA’s views on this when she’s watched it.

        1. I don’t even have to do surprise me it the creator membership last night went to sleep listening to shamanic frequency meditation music. Today drawn to this video. Literally every thing she said in this I c asked about also last. Interesting I’m a libra air sign with strong connections to the spirit realm and always had a strong connection to air. As a child I felt like an alien in a human body. I think most of us had been here before a points when other great awakenings have tried to come to fruition but if we gathered as a group were silenced and or eliminated completely. Now you can talk to people all over the world probably knew each other in the past once activated. I know for a fact that vibration can be channeled through time and space-time move different in these situations anyway channeling with like minded soul’s within the planet with the right focus intention will become like riding a bike

  10. FYI, Kerry Cassidy and others report that Steven Greer is controlled by the dark agenda aspect of the CIA. So, I feel your instincts are right-on about him, EA. Greer also says there are only 80 species of aliens. LOL.

    1. I don’t know… I’ve watched a lot of his stuff and I would find that a bit hard to believe. I don’t see how he would be serving any dark agendas with what he’s doing. I’ve never heard him say that there are only 80 species of aliens either.
      He does indeed say that they are all good – but I wonder if maybe that is just what he says publicly because he wants to counter the fear of aliens that is deliberately being spread by the shadow government. Maybe also to get better results from his CE5 contact events, because if just one person in the group is afraid then the aliens will sense that and back off.

      1. @annal I agree with you and also believe he may be saying they are all good to help the acceptance from humanity (sleepers) when true contact occurs because he knows about reptilians etc…He always speaks the ETs are not hostile for the disclosure of the plan that the shadow government is trying to drop on us with fear of an alien invasion coming as their next big card to play on humanity for more control. To be warned that it is human crafts that are from the SG that we need to be worried about. It’s the SG super advanced technology they are hiding from the world underground along with all the corruption of a trillion $$$ missing and the control of humanity for over a century. Exposing free energy agenda that they have shut down for a century that could of change the world in the 1930s & we have the opportunity now to make free energy happen. He is trying to stop the shadow government and has said they are the Absolute Biggest Threat to humanity, this planet, & the entire Universe, all of our ET family & their planets if we don’t do something now. If the world governments can grow some balls and take them down once and for all! Governments to let go of fear & stop taking their hush money. We can get all the technology they are hiding underground and change the world for the greater good of humanity. So the ETs can unite with us and share even more technology. Dr. Greer has dedicated the past 40 yrs. of so much evidence & proof of the shadow government and having 1,000s of whistleblowers come forward. Straight up risk his life and turned down 2 billion to shut him up and he has always refused and received protection. He has the press conference streamed so the world can know all of the evidence and all who are risking their high rank jobs and lives for this disclosure. For the world to know that he has been in contact with governments around the world, multiple US presidents and agency’s for years who have yet done nothing about it.

        I believe with his CE5 & individually he is in direct contact with some of the ETs helping him navigate this situation to stop Shadow government “Alien invasion agenda” from happening👽 Probably the TLS also. I also believe he is part of the narrative that can shift our planet into the New Earth timeline that we are all trying to ascend to by taking down the shadow government and freeing all the technology they are hiding. Electric Energy dismantling to have free energy finally. Freeing all the children underground. I believe this is his souls mission and purpose & such a fearless soul even tho he is nervous AF and sweating bullets on those conferences 😅 I have hope he will make an impact before he is gone & know he will fight this war til his last breath 😌

          1. That would dope if she did but I know by my intuition is that he is a genuine light worker. Would like to see if she can channel if he will accomplish his mission tho🌝
            Maybe we add it to one of her questions 🤔

  11. Oh, I missed the Q & A. Bummer.
    Ea’s dream kept them safe!😎
    Meta-consciousness=10X=conference in Vegas on 11/11/23. EA tried before. Stronger now. We all are in this together to clear the grid around Vegas. So after November, it will be whatever happens in Vegas, gets cleared in Vegas!
    Creators only/🚫podcast expand=I don’t really use the meditation. I did a few times. Not visual. I choose creator podcast!😀
    Busy bee🐝.
    Thank you community! Thank you EA!❤️

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