Members Q&A: Mental Health, Green Comet, Grief, Orbs, Dark Energy Protection ++

  • February 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses various topics including her personal experiences, the energy brought by a green comet, the relationship between mental health and spiritual awakening, the importance of energetic maintenance, and how to build confidence and set boundaries. Elizabeth April also answers questions about grief, telepathy, and dealing with negative energy.

22 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Mental Health, Green Comet, Grief, Orbs, Dark Energy Protection ++

  1. They also said that the rotation of the center of the earth is reversing. ?? I emailed the link to EA. 🙂

    Thank you for all the information on Ego death and telepathy. You gave me such clarity and yes I have been in an Ego death for a little while now. Definitely something that can be hard to lean into. sigh…

    Also (I work as a RN) without crossing any boundaries, I have enjoyed you transition into your motherhood. It’s such a beautiful process. 🙂

  2. Hello EA, I want to look at what you said about “blessing way”? for the baby. As a nurse that sounds so beautiful and supportive and would to incorporate into the care I can provide others. 🙂

  3. So crazy when you said about the poltergeist in the house when talking about the green comet EA! I did a green comet workshop on RA MA TV on 2/2 and a few days later after getting home from teaching yoga, a bowl I had with angel cards in it was completely shattered on the floor! I had felt such a weird energy when I had gotten home and when I saw that I felt like someone was in the house. (there wasn’t, at least in the physical lol) but when you said that I got chills!

  4. the week was weird in a way that my good intentions came out funky and I ended up need to explain myself and my intentions.
    However it turned out ok at the end.
    Also clamsy, mood changes, yeah. old self stuff that I already worked with and it was like a stranger.
    I had to gather my childhood self in different ages and see what they are still stuck with.
    Trying to neutralize those feelings and integrate.

    Felt forced a bit.

  5. Time Stamps✨

    9:04 Mental Health
    13:34 Green Comet
    22:51 Life Force Energy
    26:58 Grief
    32:11 Orbs
    36:28 Dark Energy Protection
    40:47 Abuse & Trust
    45:00 Telepathy
    51:12 Confidence
    1:00:16 High Pitch Sounds

  6. i have approx. 200 excellent photographs of extraterrestrial craft that appeared over the Sunshine Coast at 1AM on Jan 1, 2015, as well these have been turning up ever since – coming quite close at times. I’d love to know what and/ where these craft originated from? Any chance I could send some along? Cheers.

    1. You might want to contact Dr. Stephen Greer as he really is the UFO expert he has an app CE5Contact app for 9.99 total . You might want to send those pictures to him or others on his app.

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