Members Q&A: Archangels & Guardian Angels, Shadow Work, Inner Child, Karma, Spiritual Abilities

  • February 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses topics such as archangels and guardian angels, shadow work, inner child, karma, and spiritual abilities. They share their experiences and insights on these subjects, offering guidance and answering viewer questions. Elizabeth April also mentions upcoming events and projects they are working on.

33 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Archangels & Guardian Angels, Shadow Work, Inner Child, Karma, Spiritual Abilities

  1. Arkadia , a festival/conference for a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible(charles eisenstein), was supposed to be in wyoming last year, but had to be moved and we ended up in vegas(matias de stefano was a speaker). So it was held at meow wolf, matias brought some rain, robert grant was there and we visualized up some pyramid over the whole city, it was awesome. And will be held there again this year, november 2-5. Lots of love and light taking vegas by storm:)

  2. According to Matias de Stephano Arch Angels are the architects of the 3rd Dimension via sacred geometry. I also prayed to Arch Angel Michael to help during a serious medical issue came up for me and I kid you not my prayer was answered. Now, I am not religious but new in my heart I was being listened too. Call it intuition or love, the condition of my loved one should have been much worse and although she was near death knocking at the door she simply told it to fuck off.

  3. I think you were thinking about Aaron Abke when you were talking about “mainstream content”. He’s such a great teacher with a really good heart. I love his style of clearly explaining universal truths. He helped expand my view on so many things. And in a way, it lead me to be open to current channellers like you! It’s been such an amazing journey. I keep thinking, there can’t be more and then I get my mind blown again.

    1. I subscribe to Aaron Abke as well and he is really great. Although, I think that Elizabeth was maybe referring to Aaron Doughty, who also has a really great channel. Check him out if you haven’t already. He’s also got a good heart and is very authentic as well as thought-provoking. Danica Patrick had a great interview with him on her podcast a couple months ago.

  4. Just watch the replay of this Q&A, as I wasn’t able to join live. Just wanted to say: WOW! what a great Q&A! Thanks to all who posted those great questions and thank you Elizabeth for all those amazing answers! <3

    1. Kindly refresh your homepage and if you still can’t access it, please open your cosmic account in the Incognito browser. Please chat with us if there’s anything else🙂

  5. wow EA, not that I ever judged you but when you stated you had to “grow up fast” i never related so much. Really thankyou for sharing that ! I feel even LESS like a “freak” now. Glad to finally find my cosmic family/tribe ! <3 So happy for this community !!! xoxoxo

  6. Oh my God my husband was in the Vegas Massacre in 2017 – he is a marine corp veteran he was able to help 7 people out- and did triage. I feel like he needs clearing and healing from that❤️Even though he says he’s fine.
    I’m going to try and see if I can get him to come. I think it would help him so much!!! And his birthday is November 14.

    1. Jeannie, that’s so sweet of you, we don’t always acknowledge or realize what our subconscious is holding, in the case of your husband, he might be holding it and it’s good to release if he can.

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