Members Q&A: Portal Activations, Solar Flare Prep, Sex & Karma, Negative Energy ++

  • August 2023

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In this Q&A video, Elizabeth April discusses changes to the format of future Q&As and coaching calls. They also touch on topics such as activating portals, solar flares, sex and karma, negative energy, and the importance of balancing giving and receiving. Elizabeth April offers insights and perspectives on these subjects based on their own experiences and channeling information.

28 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Portal Activations, Solar Flare Prep, Sex & Karma, Negative Energy ++

  1. i see massive apartment complexes going up in every city.not houses.i know of the 15 minute cities in the works.bill signed months ago by hawaii build they plan to heard us into these apt.bldgs.and how would they get me there as i live miles out from towns.thank you for helping us find the answers.

  2. With the haters I believe that it’s an honor they are commenting or engaging with you. It means you moved something inside and they are investing their time in you, in answering you. I feel grateful and send them light ✨️

  3. I keep getting the same premonitions of some sort of a global reset, I’ve been thinking it’s solar flares for some 2-3 years now but only recently connected the dots to the stars. So much I want to say but it is not time for me to speak yet. I bought a cabin in the woods this spring, not because of anything you said but because of things I can sense about upcoming events.
    I don’t know how I know certain things, but it is a knowing as deep as the knowledge of love and creation. A reset is coming, we’re going to need food, cash and means to make electricity. Stock up on your favorite things, they’re going to become harder to come by. No panic buys, just smart and efficient prep.

  4. Glad to hear you say this. I feel like we’re teetering again, so it’s helpful to know it’s not just me! Maybe 2-3 years ago, I dreamed about a giant ball of light coming to the earth and the energetic wave it carried — after I got it integrated, I had to start helping people around me with it. I haven’t dreamed anything like that since. Would a solar flash just be physically destructive, or would it carry that energy?

  5. You didn’t answer my question per say and yet still get wasn’t in alignment,im not supposed to know yet.we are all connected and I have so much more to learn. said this in a video I just watched, q&A 5g alcohol ansension symptoms.EA I’m beyond grateful you broke away from the reptilian shapeshifter.he tried and failed you have a beautiful baby star seed,found your soul mate twin flame in nat.

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