Members Q&A: Contracts, Timeline Exhaustion, Solar Flares, Unexpected Passings ++

  • April 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth discusses various topics including contracts, timeline shifts, solar flares, and unexpected passings. She also addresses questions from viewers about relationships, energy work, the observer role, and financial collapse. Elizabeth provides insights and suggestions on how to navigate these topics and offers advice on diversifying assets and preparing for potential changes. She also channels information from the sun regarding solar flares and cosmic radiation.

47 thoughts on “Members Q&A: Contracts, Timeline Exhaustion, Solar Flares, Unexpected Passings ++

  1. Where can I find link for bracelet! And omg how did I not see this today , I was watching march’s!! Time has been wack but it’s been slowing down for me ( hear me out) lol only when I am running late and need 15 or 20 extra minutes ! It happened 3x Friday, I had LIVE chats scheduled and im always rushing and omg I was receiving gifts of extra time, I thought it happened last summer 2x but that was like oh maybe it’s me .. however it was really OBVIOUS! & I thanked them lol. And also we had storms here in New Jersey last nite , same that were in Ohio,pa. I felt so much better last week, March was exhausting. Had reiki Friday & today finally after storms I feel amazing !!? Yes found YOU YESTERDAY !! I saw you a few times on Gaia & it wasn’t until Friday that I saw YouTube pop up & it was NOT A DOUBT this time is the time for me to join you ⭐⭐you are repeating as I type what message I received Friday during reiki , validation 2.0 😊’s so exciting and I love all of you 💓 my ⭐ star family ..

  2. I’ve been feeling like my toxic sister and the repeating pattern of the same argument that only hurts me still was something I WASNT learning! & So i now realize it was letting her energy in my space…timeline entanglement in MY HOME!! , aww ( my sister is the mom in this story & thank you forum )
    * Married to my contracted soul, however I’m still watering that seed . So I understand the feeling alone and like im a starseed on an island all by myself , with my cats and plants and earthly outside friends ,birds etc. .I went from total codependency to Jan 2020 love clearing out all the bad energy & old contracts & cords, manifesting my peaceful grateful 5d space -home around me and just hoping that I continue to find my ” star ⭐” family..& need to not allow some of that old energy in⭐ ok I think that’s all💓

    1. I’m so interested in your experience of being married to your contracted soul. I feel the same way and have been “told” by several channelers that my guys have said the contract is over when I questioned it. Things now seem to be going the opposite direction. All the for years of thought the contract is over and I was just dragging my feet to deal. Not sure if you can relate to that at all, but the difference between having free will and tuning into my highest timeline and contracts is kind of throwing me for a loop. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated 💓

  3. I’ve been feeling super intense energy. Strong reactivity from others in situations where I don’t feel the same level/or reason to react. …It was a bizarre week… I’m personally feeling good, but strange. After an entire year of feeling like my spouse and I were over, like our contract was up (several years ago), this past week felt like a total rebirth/reset of my “feelings” about the matter. Also my “ability” to be in the present moment has skyrocketed w/o a thought. [I realize the oxymoron here 🤣].

  4. I got introduced to EA through the Gaia interview as well. I got this urge to become a member on the same day. Even without checking any of her other content. That video sure had some deep impact on me!

  5. Would like to converse with you. My past life was revealed to me. Quite the influential figure. Not sure what to do with it. Couldn’t find a better avenue to contact you. Please advise. ❤️

  6. You are so good at all your answers. And I feel so big trust in all you telling us. Thank you, you help me a lot with your answers and I agree men do have a bigger Ego that will take a longer time. You are super good in all you do.

  7. One very important question. The organization on Earth called Creative Society has a network in 180 countries and they have proven what is the curse of global warming. And the way it is our planet Gaia who has started to activate the lava stream and this is something that happens every 12 000 years and the time 2023 this will happen again and they believe the entire population will die out, unless we don’t come together and work together. What can you say about this?

  8. The Merkaba is an energy field around your body that you can activate with your mindset. And Drunvalo Melchizedek is the biggest teacher on the planet of this. With this energy field activated you are protected and when you are ready you can even travel in it with your body or just your soul. It is a 17 step mediation online who to activate it

  9. Surrounding you in so much love for your birth day and honeymoon time. You and Nat will look at each other with awe for the unfathomable love you now have for this little being. Life is so much sweeter and will never be the same in all the good ways. Congrats you three. What a fortunate babe to choose you both!💕🌈💥🎂

  10. Hello🙂, I just been listening your video. Just want to put my thoughts about crypto. I’m in crypto fora years and I’m actually pulling my money out of crypto. I don’t trust the government at all. I think they will prevent you to withdraw it, bank will prevented. I live in England and we cannot withraw crypto from few platforms all ready. Or they will stop you from using the internet. I’m putting my money into gold, silver -material commodity which I can swap for food later. I think crypto now is just an other way to take money from people. My opinion, well not just my.

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