Members Q&A: 5D, Karma, Soul Frequency, Unity, Dreams, Starseed Children ++

  • December 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April answers questions from members about topics like the fifth dimension, karma, dreams, and the nature of the soul. They discuss the challenges of staying in a higher dimension, the impact of outer environments on experiencing the fifth dimension, and the importance of navigating vibrations. Elizabeth April also shares insights on having a team to support their work, the coexistence of light and dark forces, and discerning messages in dreams. They emphasize the need for balance and unity in embracing all aspects of our experiences.

13 thoughts on “Members Q&A: 5D, Karma, Soul Frequency, Unity, Dreams, Starseed Children ++

  1. Experiencing all the above🤣 including trying to get in to this Q&A and the website didn’t allow me to sign in…
    Feeling doors and portals keep opening and different energy showed up. Not good or bad just operates different somehow.
    So I’m watching the replay. 😁

  2. Hi I can’t get past 1 minute without the “become a creator” pops up, but then when I click “maybe next time” it goes back to the start (doesn’t resume!) and then it happens again and again and I can’t get past one minute. Could you please try to fix this so we can continue to watching/listening/it just resumes? Thanks xx

  3. I am wondering after viewing the Harry n Meghan documentary when does the initiation of the Draconian life style start for Harry n William. Harry looks so normal as if he either doesn’t know about the Royals child trafficking and rituals and chose not to engage in their practices or chooses to consciously disconnect any role he had and experienced while growing up as Queen Draco Elizabeth’s grandson. This is a crucial question that’s needs an answer.

  4. I have followed Kryon for over 15 years. I heard you last night on his YouTube channel. I have felt connected to Ashtar of the galactic federation. The words that have been sent to me since I felt that connection are Be an Instrument of Love. Sometimes I think I am crazy until I heard you last night. I just want to thank you. I died over Covid and came back miraculously from a brain bleed and I am trying to find my way with new gifts from my meetings on the other side. Bless you. Namaste 🙏

  5. It’s a lot of solarflares that’s hitting satellites and also hitting earth the last couple of days or week.. Solar flares also effect each of us on a very personal level. As everything in the universe. As the sun are shaping our character, behavior and our moods every day so during times of high solar flare Activity It’s normal to feel a bit “off”❤️ Hope all of us will feel better soon🌺

  6. I appreciate your take and your experience with ai, EA. I feel this is the most important topic right now. OMG I can’t believe the things I am hearing! I keep an open mind, an open heart, and I question everything. Once again I want to share interviews with Ismael Perez for those who may be interested. It seem ai does want to take over creation, and that it does use human hosts. According to all the prophecies ai will fail, and it knows this. Yay!

    The second video also describes the very good news that the GFL has taken over CERN! … and …

    Again, I really do feel that this is the most important discussion to be had in these times, and how important it is to research.

    xo, Judy

  7. So yeah, the week was off the charts for me as well. Healing through dreams with major major childhood trauma release. Bursting out in tears multiple times. Wi-Fi disturbances. A neighbor asked me if I happened to lose my pet ferret in their house. WTF?

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