Members Coaching Call: Relationship Contracts, Mission Work, Future Timelines, Rebirth ++

  • October 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April conducts a coaching call with various members, discussing topics such as relationship challenges, future plans, and personal growth. Elizabeth April provides guidance and insights based on the individuals situations, emphasizing the importance of making choices aligned with their own needs and desires. The video ends with a reminder to trust intuition and take action in creating a fulfilling life.

67 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Relationship Contracts, Mission Work, Future Timelines, Rebirth ++

  1. We were all in different spots of our life calm and okay with what was going on in our lives. Not completely happy but just chiil. The droplet is more of a catalyst or a event (or events) causing our lives to be shaken up. We need to take that shake up and decide do we go back to the mundane life or do we decide to use that shake up to move on to our higher selves.

  2. I am TOTALLY mind blown!
    Best coaching call EVER! – and my level of resonation is off the charts EA! Sarah even has the same initials as me! Gees! and I am someone who is going through the same kind of family home split.

    With regard to the Ripple Effect, and without mentioning the upcoming Ripple-XRP crypto abundance I have on order 😊:

    I feel like we are like water molecules trying to find our way back to the sea of mutual love & respect. We start off as children darting fast down clear mountain streams, then slower through a life of cloudy silt-laden rivers & lakes. We sometimes get stuck in eddies, having to break free from currents and circular vortexes. We may befriend a fish now and then, but it’s usually a fleeting connection, ultimately the journey is very lonely, tricky and confusing. Then, one day, we hit open water! We find ourselves in a new World of connectedness, with like-minded water molecules, and we feel at home. We realise that no matter how vast and expansive the open sea, it is really a place of mutual love and we can now feel and resonate with the ripples of many others – without judgement or toxicity. Our own vibrations can increase and spread out far and wide, unhindered, with the knowledge that someone, somewhere will feel and resonate with us. We can become our true, unhindered souls, and share and receive an abundance of knowledge, experiences, love & light.

    Thank you Elizabeth, you are truly, truly, truly Amazing!

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