Members Coaching Call: Masculine & Feminine Energy, Foundations, Do Your Human, Activation Integrations ++

  • November 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April holds a coaching call for members. She discusses topics such as masculine and feminine energy, finding balance, and integrating different aspects of oneself. She answers questions from participants and provides guidance on their personal journeys. Elizabeth April also announces a Black Friday sale and the introduction of gift certificates.

62 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Masculine & Feminine Energy, Foundations, Do Your Human, Activation Integrations ++

  1. Watched this later. Immediately for the green I thought of a seed sprouting: NEW LIFE, Joy, and Wonder. And how crazy is this? I am watching this in January, but bought a LIME GREEN BALL as a gift for a kid in early December/late November exactly when this video was made. The symbol continues: I ended up getting a better gift for that kid so in the end, I still have the green ball which is in my trunk right now ?? Whaaat?? Now I’m SUPER CURIOUS about that symbol and what it means cause it came through EA in this call and ME just randomly xmas shopping? I should take a picture and post it just to show you guys… I’m so curious about this particular symbol that came through.

  2. Young plants. Vibrant nature and new life. Play! With close attention- keep you eye on this ball – nature, the round Earth and feminine. But with lightness and carefree play, like childhood.

  3. Hello I am reacting for the first time here. Thank you Elisabeth what you are doing. I am a oldie 67 years living in the Netherlands. Also lived in Australia where I was abducted by et’s. In the early 60’s. A weirdo my whole life for others. That a little bit about myself. Now the lime green/ yellow ball I always saw when my third eye was opening. Going from limegreen to more yellow then indigo. For years.
    Everything is about balance. Flip over and back. Dark night of the soul, more the ego. And balance again. Opening the third eye also goes in steps for the most people. We all will regain our abilities. Those you earned in your existence in density lifetimes and Spirit. Also what I got was the grounding is very important to expand, also what came up expand/balance/ground and third eye opening. Much love to all here. Namaste/Adonaiβœ¨πŸ™

  4. Elizabeth, the people you pick are always helpful to me, but this time it seemed especially helpful. I liked the part about fight or flight and much more. Also, I liked what you said after you finished the last person and you were talking about how a lot of us feel it is go time, and what that can mean. Also, for the group message, for the boat, I was thinking that no matter what happens, Source has your back. Anyway, thank you for another wonderful session.

  5. These coaching calls are so helpful. Once again really resonated. So thank you!! I interpreted the lime green ball right away as having to do with balancing the masculine & feminine. That was a theme of the coaching call so it makes sense to me. The color is a blend of green and yellow – heart and solar plexus chakras. The feeling and the doing. It’s a balance of energies we all have to continuously practice keeping in the air/aiming more skillfully. I love what another viewer commented about the playfulness of it. Having an attitude of playfulness would be the highest vibration keeping this balance.
    I’d love to know if this interpretation resonates with anyone else. It feels helpful to me. πŸ’šπŸ’›

    1. Wow! Yes, this description resonates with me very much so. I love your interpretation of the colors relating to the chakras and how we are practicing balance with those energies. I think you nailed it. My interpretation was kicking around or playing with an idea until it ripened (lemon/lime) and then shoot your shot or aim for the goal.

  6. I am trained in Colour Ray healing with the White Eagle Lodge. I don’t know if this will resonate with anyone but in our healing … we use ‘spring green’ which is a paler green to the dark mature summer green of foliage… for ‘renewal & restoration’. Assists with calming ‘inflammation. Not sure if this pale green is what they mean by ‘lime’ green.

  7. I think this coaching call is my favorite so far. I have so much more clarity now, Thank You tEAm! (I want a shirt) I feel like I should be at the point where I can help others but I can clearly see that my life is not at that vibration level yet. I am still healing my human, learning the tools, and strengthening my foundations. I love the questions “what do I need?” “what do I want?” Defining my values have been a theme this past month. Thank you so much πŸ’š
    I have to go look up the meaning of lime green in color psychology now 😊

    1. Light Codes is a loyalty point system that we are currently working on and planning on rolling out later this year. Users of EA’s website will be able to convert light codes for items in the shop.😊

  8. I watched this later after the recording came out and there was one thing that really stood and resonated with me. That was the concept of being kind of stuck and not able to advance with the non-physical stuff because of being in fight or flight mode. That totally makes sense for me in my situation and it’s confirmation for me that I really need to work out some of my issues before I can move on and get anywhere enhancing my psychic abilities. I’ve been struggling with this for a few years but also struggling with life in general, so I’m going to deep dive into my shadow with a little help from a therapist. Thank you , EA!

  9. The group images were coming through a few days ago to me as – the lime green/yellow energy is an aligning frequency ( healing) and it can happen by doing things easy. Like playful. The frequrncy that creates that bridge between energy body and physical, the access to other realms and so on. But we can only integrate it in this playful light state of being. …

    1. OMG I love this! I just posted. I just watched this video (it’s end of January for me) but I bought a bright lime green ball in late November/early December for a kid but found a better gift for them. Now I still have that ball! It’s literally exactly what EA described! What an awesome reminder! Keep it playful to bridge the spiritual and physical. That’s a perfect message for me. Thanks so much! I’d love to hear others “tune in” as well.

  10. Oh Sara?, the lady that was driving from AZ to NJ, I felt you were so nervous in your breathing so I kept saying, β€œit’s ok, breathe, breathe”, blessings to you. You remind me so much of myself when nervous ❀️

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