Members Coaching Call: Soul Mission, Twin Flames, Past Energies, Timeline Alignment ++

  • May 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April addresses questions and concerns from participants during a coaching call. Topics discussed include soul missions, twin flames, past energies, and alignment with personal timelines. Elizabeth April offers guidance and validation to the participants, emphasizing the importance of taking action and stepping into ones mission work. The message is to have hope, balance the matrix and mission work, and be ready for opportunities and growth in the coming years.

33 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Soul Mission, Twin Flames, Past Energies, Timeline Alignment ++

  1. This coaching call was amazing. I completely and totally resonated with leaving my matrix job to do my mission work full-time. That is all unfolding for me in 2023 to include moving three states away. The messaging about talking to people regarding where they are versus where they want to be and how they can get there. That’s my purpose. I loved hearing that affirmation.

    I have felt strongly led to create a website of resources to show people where to look for information to grow their understanding as they awaken. And I have felt an urgency to do so because something big is coming. And the depiction of so many people walking away from religion and looking for answers affirms the need to do something like that. Because I had no one to help me and it was unclear where to go for answers when I began awakening.

    My point being this coaching call gave a ton of affirmations in various ways and I really appreciate it! This was the first one I’ve listened to so I’m definitely going to need to get on here and listen to more!

  2. the timing of this was so on point. and although this was filmed in march, these are 100% timeless messages… all of the past timelines, timeline alignment, and twin flames really resonated with me today and for in my life right now specifically… just so, so good lol. i looooove it here! thank you EA for all your wisdom, messages. cleansing laughter, refreshing energy… you are a gift to me and my life, and to the world <3

  3. Thank you so much for this EA and friends … The analogy at the end was very helpful… I feel very indecisive at times with what to do with my life, and just knowing that every step along the way, is part of the journey and training for your purpose, brings me peace. Also it was helpful to know that right now is a good time to create a movement and change as far as careers go. I know I want to work with animals (and get away from my matrix work that is mostly just for making capital and not my passion) but I don’t always feel the most qualified and a lot of the work involving animals I am not interested in; but if we never try, how will we know if we never connect to it?? …so thank you for the advice and nudge lol !!

    Amor, peace and hair grease🤘✌️😎

  4. 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Idk how to raise my hand! Can’t figure it out, but would 🤍love a chance at reading some time….Hoping this works, not so tech savvy, just love and appreciate what ur doing for us all lol!

  5. Needed this!
    You/Guides/Universe just lit a 🔥 in my ass to stop hesitating or stalling more like and just do the damn thing!
    I will get focused now & just go for it & see where the cards fall.
    Thank you Drive thru 👋😃

  6. Oh my god – the call with Jess has me tripping out! Everything from the religious trauma, being a musician, UI designer, down to “I literally have a work screen next to this” is literally me too! So insanely synchronistic to what I needed to hear right now – thank you! And Jess, if you see this lol, I 100% feel & see you girl, that religious trauma is so tough. Also, I am a musician & web/graphic designer so – hilarious – we have the same life LOL.

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