Meditation: Tuning into The Collective

  • March 2022

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This video is a guided meditation focused on relaxation and self-reflection. The narrator encourages finding a quiet space and laying down. Throughout the video, the narrator guides the listener to relax different parts of their body and release tension. The meditation also touches on concepts such as accessing inner wisdom, exploring past lives, and connecting to ones own inner strength. The video emphasizes the idea that we have the ability to find everything we need within ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Meditation: Tuning into The Collective

  1. Wow, I was expecting a different journey 😁 This was amazing & also uncomfortable. I saw all different lives good & I’d say evil. All lived to experience & learn. My body at times just needed to move & release. My body felt deep aches. Then I had a very powerful energetic experience throughout my body when all combined. I feel amazing ✨❤️✨ Incredible experience. Thank You, EA 😘

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