May Public Coaching Call

  • May 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April conducts a public coaching call where she intuitively selects participants and provides insights and guidance. The topics addressed include focusing on the physical and spiritual balance, making big decisions, going through a dark night of the soul, coping with the loss of a pet, and pursuing a fulfilling career. Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of healing, embracing ones true self, and finding support on the spiritual journey.

Spiritual Journeys, Relationship Blocks, Dark Knight Of The Soul, Mediumship & Spirit Animals, Self Worth, Career Advice, Depression Blocks + MORE!!

May 22nd, 2022 Public Coaching Call Replay

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Check out EA’s Depression & Old Soul Video to get a tangible, physical understanding and explanation of depression & suicide. If you want to deep dive into this topic and want another perspective watch here:

Please remember that I am not a psychologist or trained professional, if you are having suicidal thoughts please visit this global help page

7 thoughts on “May Public Coaching Call

  1. I watched this when it was recorded in May 2022.. And I’ve been dealing with unexpected release and healing since April 2023 and now I’m at the end of may 2023, 1 year later. I remembered this graduation topic the other day , & that you spoke to Janelle about her graduation and release of things she needed to deal with, because in her past she didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with those things, but now she does. I feel great now LOL well at least optimistic !! now I know I am just going through this stuff from 2007 because I , and even my hubbs back then , didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with it in a mature , smart way , and I think it would’ve affected some contracts we needed to fulfill since 2007, if we would’ve dealt with this back then. I am so grateful for this coaching call. So happy I remembered the graduation topic and I typed it into the search !! Such a good website !!! I knew I’d find this. Plz make a whole video on the graduation process and the details !!!!!!! Thnx so much EA!!

  2. Always amazing, these calls, but that last one was super powerful. It is so amazing how strong and grounded EA is when facing such a loaded topic, with gentleness, centeredness and clarity. Relevant outcomes for individuals and the group, even those watching much later like me. Invaluable teachings!
    Thanks! ☮️💖

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