Manifesting in 5D Instantly 2020

  • July 2021

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In this video titled Manifesting in 5D Instantly 2020, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of manifestation and how to approach it in the new year. They emphasize that manifestation is not solely about the physical thing you desire, but rather the emotion and vibration behind it. By focusing on the feelings and positive aspects associated with what you want, you can overcome limiting beliefs and manifest your desires. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to shift their thinking from the third dimension reality to the fifth dimension and to prioritize the vibration behind their desires.

6 thoughts on “Manifesting in 5D Instantly 2020

  1. So basically fear based thoughts of our desires/needs/wants block our flow to manifest our best life.

    I would say it takes a lot of self care to keep yourself in a fluid state to focus on the feeling of your dreams already existing.
    I do a lot of hot yoga and meditate, and it can still be a challenge

    Somedays are better than others, but I guess it is the greater awareness of those fearful thoughts, so we can purge them and get out of our own way.

    Thank you!🖖🏻

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