How To Control Your Dreams – Lucid Dreaming

  • June 2021

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of lucid dreaming and shares tips on how to control your dreams. She explains that lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware and consciously change your dreams. Elizabeth suggests techniques such as reflecting on your dream experiences upon waking up, noticing dream inconsistencies like non-functioning light switches or shifting time on watches, and examining your hands in dreams. She emphasizes that becoming aware of when youre dreaming can open up opportunities for conscious decision-making and enjoyable dream experiences.

2 thoughts on “How To Control Your Dreams – Lucid Dreaming

  1. I had a lucid dream where a friend who has already past away appeared in the dream. I was aware she had passed already but wanted to connect with her. I went over and gave her a hug. She seemed surprised. I woke up. Was her spirit visiting me in the dream but was surprised that I connected to her or was their some other message in this dream?

    1. It sounds like it was just a visit, but from my experience, them having passed on is no big deal to them. My first experience of dreaming about someone who had passed on – it was a kid I went to daycare with and he passed around 14 years old I think, I was a few years younger. In the dream, we were in such a large house, like a mansion, because in the dream, both of our families shared it {his sister was also my best friend}. So in the dream, he’s trying to show me his model car he made and finished {and yes, in his lifetime here, he loooved doing those and loved cars}. I looked at him, and I was like, “oh, that’s cool… but… you’re dead….” I was so confused. He responded, “Yeah…. but look at my car.” and he was just so calm and neutral and just didn’t care about what I said lol. So I think it was a visit and he wanted to show me he was happy. I’ve had other visits, and they’re always in my dreams, but they usually don’t have as much dialogue as this one. Looking back, after he passed, I learned some things about his childhood I was concerned about, and I also grew up Christian and kept wondering over and over about him going to hell because he took his own life. Luckily, I refused to believe that was true, and it was actually what started my journey on getting away from the religion, so it makes sense to me that he visited me in my dreams like this.

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