LIVE EA Psychic Session: Crossing Over A Soul

  • June 2021

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In this video, a psychic medium conducts a session with a woman named Alexis who recently lost her boyfriend to suicide. The medium connects with the boyfriends spirit and helps him cross over to the other side. They also discuss Alexiss intentions and questions about her life, including her desire to understand her boyfriends death and her own life direction. The medium offers insights and guidance, suggesting possible career paths and encouraging Alexis to step into her own power. The session ends with emotional healing for both Alexis and her boyfriends spirit.

2 thoughts on “LIVE EA Psychic Session: Crossing Over A Soul

  1. This was beautiful to watch. How do I enter the monthly reading session giveaway for creators? My mom passed 2 years ago, and some uninformed people in my family, who are still asleep, blamed me for her death, even though I am the only one who tried to save her. I feel like I failed, and could have done more. That was very hard on me and I struggled with that and the blaming, but I am tough and made it out ok. But I just want to make sure my mom is ok, and crossed over. That is something that has always worried me that she might be trapped somewhere since this was unexpected, and her physical body was tortured in the hospital for so long, almost 2 months. So I would love a reading to help me have peace about it all. I also have question about my daughter who was born with a birth defect 5 years ago. I am new here, but I joined because a lot of what Elizabeth says really resonates with me. I’ve been trying to find a community, but it’s been hard finding one with belief in aliens, in which I feel a strong connection to, but also the conspiracy stuff, which I think a lot to be true. I found both in Elizabeth, so I am excited to hear more and learn from her. I also just bought her book, and look forward to joining the upcoming event. Thanks!

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