Kryon Interview with EA

  • December 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April is interviewed by Kryon about her abilities as a young psychic and her connection to the Galactic Federation. She discusses her journey of awakening and offers advice on discerning truth, connecting with cosmic beings, and navigating fear and the shift to a new Earth frequency. Elizabeth shares her communication with various councils within the Galactic Federation and emphasizes the power of individuals in shaping their own reality and contributing to the collective awakening.

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10 thoughts on “Kryon Interview with EA

  1. dont wait before the world shifts was so epic. for me and getting rid of my last few attachments. anyways I agree I have always understood this time as the shift up but also we might be able to go further up in dimensions rapidly in relative terms. so funny talking about noticing things. a few months ago I kept saying 17 and 3/4 and kept repeating that number as I was asking God what is it all about is life? Literally the next day I came across a board game in a spiral shape with numbers around it. In the very center was a kid in an electric car 3/4 of the way between 17 and 18. I think God wants us to take care of all the children in the world. thanks so much for all of your help that interview was amazing very well done.

  2. What a nice and clear interview. I have been following Lee & Monika for years.
    My intuition was the only thing that was developed in me.
    Through Kryon’s guidance my consciousness and my spirituality has evolved more and more….Connecting the dots.
    I feel grateful and humbled. lots of love from Rotterdam The Netherlands

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