Interview with Founder of Spooky 2 John White

  • December 2022

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This video is an interview with John White, the founder of Spooky Two, a company that focuses on Royal Rife machines and Rife Technology. John White discusses the background of Royal Rife and his inventions in the field of health. He also talks about the mission and vision of Spooky Two and their commitment to eliminating illness and needless suffering, empowering people to take control of their health, and valuing love, compassion, and honesty over profit. The video also mentions the charitable work that Spooky Two is involved in and the various components of their Spooky Two system. Additionally, the video highlights testimonials from individuals who have experienced positive results using Spooky Two technology.

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13 thoughts on “Interview with Founder of Spooky 2 John White

  1. I’ve been fortunate to experience a rife machine a few times 2014-2016 when I lived in Oregon. It was a privilege to explore. I was pretty healthy, but I got to meet other people who swore by it with stories of healing from cancer and other ailments. I wish it was more popular, but I have faith it will be more accessible with time and interviews like this!

  2. Hell fucking no. They use scalar weapons. He listed it right on his power point. He’s trying to give a little black box to people and make people think their life gets better? Hell no. This is brain manipulation and seeking out poor people to make themselves look good. Hell no. Am I the only one here? Jeeze this is horrible. And fucking with eco systems by throwing a bunch of live crawlers from markets into water. Fuck this entire movie. Keep me outta this channel. This is a twisted ass version of our ‘trying to be good’ self. ewww gross

    also, why is he bragging about not having anything as a business owner. anyone got a box of red flags I can borrow? the monotone voice, too. jeeze what program is this

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