Instantly Attract Money, Love + FREEDOM!!!

  • July 2022

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In this video titled Instantly Attract Money, Love + FREEDOM!, Elizabeth April discusses tools and steps to manifest ones dreams and attract abundance in all areas of life. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of detaching from desired outcomes, redefining ones value system to include financial abundance, and appreciating what one values. The video also encourages viewers to consider the follow-through and impact on themselves and others after manifesting their desires. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to take control of their reality and choose to live their best lives.


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4 thoughts on “Instantly Attract Money, Love + FREEDOM!!!

  1. So many amazing things in this. I love taking my power back and realizing that I am the one creating and I’m the one making s*** happen and I don’t have to ask the universe and then beg and hope that I was a good little boy and at the universe is going to bring it to me. I can know that I can create anything that I want. I also love that I can decide that whatever self-worth issues need to be healed are resolved and move forward knowing that it’s not an issue anymore.

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