Info Drops From the YOUniverse

  • December 2022

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In this video titled Info Drops From the YOUniverse, Elizabeth April discusses various topics, such as manifesting good luck, creating simulations, the crux of convenience, memory in the fifth dimension, finding life lessons, the demonization of aliens by religions, rewiring the reptilian brain, being a great parent, mastering the mind, and quantum processing. Elizabeth April provides insights and perspectives on each topic, offering guidance and suggestions for personal growth and understanding.

Drops From The Youniverse Timestamps:

– How to manifest good luck? – 7:14
– How are simulations created? – 10:46
– A crux of convenience is a skill lost – 19:50
– Why do we lose our memory when we hop into the 5th dimension? – 24:13
– How do I figure out my biggest life lesson? – 29:15
– Why do religions demonize aliens? – 32:01
– How do we rewrite our reptilian brain? – 35:17
– How to be a great parent? – 39:38
– The key to mastering your mind – 42:46 – What is quantum processing? – 46:06

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