How To: Access the Biggest Tool for 2023

  • December 2022

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In this video, the presenter discusses the importance of practicing vibrational navigation and neutrality in order to achieve sovereignty and freedom in 2023. They provide examples and techniques for neutralizing emotional reactions and manifesting desired outcomes. The video emphasizes the value of these tools in navigating the challenges of the changing world and invites viewers to engage with the community for support and sharing.

26 thoughts on “How To: Access the Biggest Tool for 2023

  1. I recently had an experience just like this then my higher self expanded on it during a higher self hypnosis session. (my higher self brought in how neutrality can change the way you experience pain, and specifically related this to birth) 🙂
    A few months ago I cut my thumb open with a knife trying to cut an avocado. When it happened I knew immediately this was not something I could treat at home. I ended up needing 6 stitches.
    When it happened, I had that initial shock and pain. But I immediately shifted my reactions. My internal dialogue was as follows, “well this happened, I accept this as if I have chosen it, I know that my power lies in my reaction to this, I am choosing full acceptance of the situation I am in, I trust and have faith that I will be lead by my own intuition on the right path and recovery for me, I surrender to this experience and am looking at it as an opportunity to grow/learn or just purely as something to experience or to prepare me for something else”
    I did that and I have to say from that moment on the pain subsided. It more or less just felt like an intense pulsating but nothing hurt more than that initial cut.
    In my higher self hypnosis session my higher self mentioned it and said,
    “But there are learning lessons in everything. Do not let fear happen. She did a really good job when she cut her thumb last month. She cut it wide open and she didn’t panic. She just relaxed. Even though the blood was gushing, it wasn’t very painful because of this. There was no fear. And that’s exactly how she needs to be in birth. Fearless. It won’t be painful. Birth will be intense, orgasmic, transformational, a spiritual awakening unlike any other. Just choose to breathe in the moments when challenges come forward. Pause and know and trust that you’re going to be okay. That this happened and you can’t change what happened. But you can change the way you react to things and the way you react will change the amount of pain you feel.”

  2. Learning to disconnect is the lesson I have needed to learn for awhile now, and am still figuring out. Thank you so so much Elizabeth. You have brought this to my attention. Just knowing that it is possible brightens me.

  3. This happened to me in real life in 2021 – we lost both of our businesses (one wine bar bistro in Oregon and one dive bar in California) and I have actually made a lot of peace with it – I think about the fact that I’m a tv Efitor who used to have to live in Los Angeles – or commute there from Oregon) and now I get to edit from home—- dream come true! It still hurts to think about losing my businesses bc they were literally going to be my retirement money) as a freelance editor I don’t have retirement- so those businesses were it—- so that makes me nervous a bit bc I’m 51 – 🙂 we shall see – I’ve been wanting to do some coaching for the last twenty years, but editing and owning those businesses took a lot- maybe I’m finally ready to share my story and help others.

  4. wow so beautiful. I feel that at least this year my relationship with my business and money has changed. I am no longer so attatched to money or my busines. I was so impressed by your “sand in the hand story” and how closing the hand impedes more abundance coming in. You have to let it come in and go. And I am practicing observing it with neutrality. No fear of loosing, no fear of giving, knowing it will flow back. Releasing on the negative emotions of fear, AND on the good emotions like the excitement of seeing money come in. Still work in progress but I have really moved forward this year on this. Thank you

  5. This video rings home for me. I was recently scammed out of $5k, a significant amount of money. But I didn’t become emotionally attached and cry and worry about it. It was the first time I felt detached and comfortable in the thought that it was just money, a lesson of some kind and that it was replaceable, so not to let it carry me off on some wild pity party. Thank you for this video. It reinforces the practice of non-attachment for me. Being neutral and knowing that everything is happening for me, not to me.

    1. Definitely been scammed myself but only for 1,500. It caused me to go into psychosis which lead to hospitalization which lead to depression for months! However I’m powering through using discernment and self love. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! No need for feeling ashamed!

    2. I just got scammed for $500 a couple of weeks ago and had a similar experience. In the past I would have freaked out about it but I just said oh well, it’s just money and I can manifest more, and that person must have needed it. Was surprised about how I forgot about it pretty easily.

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