Hawaii Mass Meditation

  • August 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April leads a guided meditation and group energy work to address the recent devastation in Maui, Hawaii. The intention is to raise the frequency, activate portals, and aid in the crossing over of lost souls. The meditation also focuses on awakening humanity to the battles happening on Earth and the need for active participation. Elizabeth April emphasizes the collective effort and invites viewers to join in the energetic work, whether watching live or in the future. The intention is to heal and protect Maui, activate portals globally, and accelerate the collective awakening to the highest vibration.

105 thoughts on “Hawaii Mass Meditation

  1. I wanted to join this live but couldn’t find the link, so I set the intention of being there when I found the video. It was pretty surreal to be transported back to that moment even though technically it’s September. I still cried and felt the rush of being activated. Plus, I have been having activation symptoms since August and now, I feel like I caught up with myself, somehow. If that makes any sense! Thanks EA and everyone who will and did attend!

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