Gen Z – New World Order – The Children – Global Events & MORE!!

  • July 2022

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In this video, the YouTuber discusses a variety of topics including their absence from previous videos, personal health issues, and upcoming events. They also answer questions from viewers about topics such as Generation Z, the New World Order, healing from past traumas, and the future of the Ascension process. Additionally, they provide updates on the rescue and rehabilitation of children affected by pedophilia rings and share insights on the importance of staying prepared for global events. The video concludes with a discussion on working with the Merkaba and recharging from Source energy. Overall, the video covers a range of subjects related to personal growth, current events, and spiritual development.

4 thoughts on “Gen Z – New World Order – The Children – Global Events & MORE!!

  1. I love your rehabilitation ideas. I hope your vision becomes a reality. Unfortunately, history has shown that sometimes even victims of abuse can become offenders if they don’t have the coping skills. I give you so much credit for speaking about difficult topics with such love and compassion for all involved.

  2. I really liked what you said about not feeding into the polarity with the election. I try to stay neutral on all of that. I have some friends who were really just all in on Trump as the savior. Then one of them came across one of those video compilations on an instagram account that showed a few celebs that were blinking their eyes inward like reptiles do. Kind of like round pupils then a real quick slit down the middle in slow motion, then round again and I think a double eyelid or something like that. It was Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Katey Perry, and some others, but one was Trump in an interview. This really disillusioned them.
    I had tried to tell them it shouldn’t affect how they project their own energy. Who knows it may have been trick camera work but not to get depressed over something like that. I have now referred them to your video. You explained that so well. Thank you for your insight and energy. You are so clear in how you word things 🙂

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