March 2024 Message to Humanity

  • March 2024

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In this video titled March 2024 Message to Humanity, Elizabeth April discusses the theme of growth for the month. They explain that growth often comes with challenges and transition, but it can also lead to new experiences and opportunities. Elizabeth April encourages viewers to observe how they are applying the concept of growth in their lives and to set an intention for how they want to experience growth. They emphasize the importance of navigating change with ease and grace. Elizabeth April concludes by expressing gratitude for the viewers and their presence in the community.

37 thoughts on “March 2024 Message to Humanity

  1. Your “Hello Beautiful Beings of Light” has always been my favorite greeting and I use it on my 2 nephews (age 8 & 5) and my 2 nieces (age 5 & 4). I became a seeker on your site in the spring of 2019 about 6 months after I found you on YouTube, which I think was around September 2018. After 18 or 24 months I became an Awakener.. and all through February I considered becoming a Creator, which, since I get my check on the 1st, I waited till the 2nd to upgrade last night on Saturday & here Sunday morning I watch this video! LOL! I grew into Creator! I’m a disabled vet legally fighting the VA for compensation increases since March 2010 and partially won an appeal last Sept 2023 (which was filed in summer of 2017-I honestly think they hope you die first). In late January the BVA (Supreme Court inside VA for legal issues) fully sided with me/my appeal and said YEP! VA was wrong since Feb 2010 when you were discharged till now Jan 2024. So yeah… Ive gone through nearly a 14 year challenge. (Are you a Tarot reader fortune teller EA?) Anywhose… I really appreciate you work, your emotional vulnerability & honesty. You’re a magnificent Mantid in Human form on 3D earth and this Dragon in Human form on 3D form greatly appreciates you! When I leave my earth meat carcass which all my VA Earth Doctors keep telling me should have happened years ago, my soul is zipping right back up to the 9th Dimension where I belong! I’m done with this 3D Earth nonsense! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blessings upon you & your earth family. Alex J

  2. Wonderful word. Just had a conversation with my teen on how she’s struggling with letting go of her childhood and accepting the transition into adulthood. So growth is a wonderful confirmation that indeed we are synced.

  3. I am being confronted with negative family issues and learning to set boundaries. I have a brother who is meth addict and a 85 year old mother who is enabling him. Very toxic relationship. My mom actually expects me to enable him too. I have had to step away from this family dynamics. He is trying to move in with her. I blocked this from happening a year ago but he is trying it again. He would take over her house and eventually her bank account. I’m not sure if I am supposed to completely set this down and walk away or seek legal help. I only have power of attorney if she was to become incapacitated. He has a rap sheet a mile long. He uses drugs and uses people. Very much narcissist. I make him angry because he is not able to manipulate me. I feel like walking away but don’t want to clean up the mess either that he would make if he was to move in.

    1. As a mom in her 60s with a mom in her 90s, I would attempt to advocate. The challenge is to stay detached from the outcome. It would be good to get legal advise. More information will help you to know what to do next. Elderly people usually have difficult with our new world. Itโ€™s so fast paced and complex. Best wishes.

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