Why Do Energies Shift 3D-5D

  • April 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April explores the concept of why humans have to experience both light and dark energies on Earth. They discuss the idea that humans are hybrids with different interdimensional DNAs, and by experiencing both polarities, they activate different strands of DNA within themselves. This process allows humans to reach a point where they have experienced everything as a hybrid and can then choose their state of being. The fifth dimension is described not as a state of being, but as the ability to make a choice based on ones experiences. The video concludes by highlighting the uniqueness and challenge of the human experience on Earth.

48 thoughts on “Why Do Energies Shift 3D-5D

  1. I never really understood why I felt so much, i was the positive radiant light in everyones darkness. I refused to let anybody sit alone, even when it wasn’t my own. I I knew what it was like to be the light but I didn’t know how to deal with the darkness that I was left with me and my light taken from me.&& when I realized that I was no longer the light for myself, i could never understand why or the reason I was treated so badly by everyone else and it cost me my own darkness. & now that I’m healing and seeing it through, I have no regret and even through pain I give myself the love and light god has gifted me to continue being the light in others darkness. it took diving in the depths of my own darkness, to bring my darkness to the surface to heal the pain, and bring it to the light that my heart and soul knew its always been deserving of find my light again, took me to search for my understanding to why. I choose to replenish myself, nobody saved me but me. I Chose to sit alone and deal with my own darkness, because I knew what darkness did to light.. the sun and moon, the yin yang, the balance of 2.. and I from a young age, I was never seen for the light that I was, that I freely gave and I allowed that darkness take away who I was. emotionally dumped on, left confused. and at 23, I feel to see the light, I can feel every energy, I fill dark vessel’s with my light, I give comfort and I choose to be a alchemist. transmuting negative to positive, darkness to light. my gift is to give for others to receive the love they’ve always are deserving of so they can find the light within. to reflect off the old subconscious and project consciousness of you. I love that I’m finding my gifts, what a blessing

    1. You have to seek it. Thats it! Study yourself inside and out. Really dive deep into WHO YOU ARE. And be open to accepting the things in your reflection that you need to work on and do the work!! Become better everyday. Heal traumas, be kind, giving compassionate to all living beings. Ask your higher self to guide you toward your light:)

  2. This actually happened to me today! I had anxiety that wouldn’t go away. I kept trying to wish it away or breathe it away. Then I had a nudge to sit with it. I said “I see you anxiety, I’ll sit with you and feel you until you’re ready to go.” And as soon as I said that, I let out a huge yawn and the feeling left my body through my feet into the earth. That’s some 5D sh*t.

  3. Wow! The timing of this video upload and the content couldn’t have been more perfect. I feel like this video was a message to me. However, I know we are all going through the same BS. My heart goes out to all 💕🙏

  4. I’m 66 years old. I am choosing peace and harmony. I was born with a large strawberry birthmark that covered a lot of the right side of my face. I was always different and treated that I looked wrong. As an older adult it has been lightened but I still have some emotional scars from childhood. I lost my 27 year old son 2 years ago. Yes, he is with me in spirit and we are doing energetic work together but it is hard not having him here anymore in the flesh. I have experienced enough trauma in my life. I’ve done a lot of healing. I choose at this point in my life peace and harmony.

  5. Thank you EA for this information. I discovered your work on your interview in Gaia with George Noory and discovered, I was a star seed last October when I turned 40 and I spent it in Egypt. I got a lot of downloads there, plus a connection with my spiritual guide name Zora, which means like.

    I will take this information and help share why we have darkness on my Youtube channel called Brightened Mind, where I really help and have the intention of bringing more light and love to people and the world. I’m still working my corporate job but one day I will do my Dharma full time 🙂 as I’m enjoying the journey. Thanks for all you do.

    Also, last year, I was trying to find my Starseed family. I think I found them in this Cosmic Society. Much appreciation. 🙏

  6. I have gotten a similar message when talking to Spirit. I wanted to know why I/we suffer so much,
    and what they said was that we have to go through the grind, per se. That living in 3D (earth)
    is really for the purpose of experiencing PHYSICALITY. I am still trying to figure out why that’s so important….

  7. Thanks again EA! For years I’ve struggled to understand the nature of light and dark energies in this world and how to put them in perspective. And why we must understand both in order to move forward.

      1. I’ve said that one of my incarnations is the hybrid lucifer.back when I could listen to satanic death metal and it would relax me.i could basically fall asleep to it.now I don’t resonate with it

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