Failure & Polarity

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concepts of polarity and failure. They talk about how humans tend to focus on negativity and failure, even in the midst of positive experiences. Elizabeth April shares a personal story about their encounter with Joe Rogan and reflects on the importance of failure and the lessons it teaches. They also discuss the idea of labels and how they can limit self-expression. The video ends with a suggestion to practice living in the present moment and making choices without attachment or expectation.

2 thoughts on “Failure & Polarity

  1. I wonder if Joe Rogan would be more open to having you on his show now since he has had guests with first hand experiences with the tic tac UFO sighting and maybe is more open to believing aliens exist. I’m dissappointed how he treated you to hear cause I am a big fan of his after brought all the scientists onhis show telling the actual truth during the pandemic

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