Energy Update for Starseeds 2023

  • December 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses a divine message for the year 2023. They emphasize the importance of finding balance between knowledge and experience, as well as embracing both light and dark aspects of life. Elizabeth April urges viewers to step back from polarity and duality, and instead aim for unity and compassion. They encourage viewers to embrace their role as teachers and masters, and to trust in their unique contribution to the world as star seeds. The video concludes with reminders to like, share, and subscribe, as well as promoting a workshop and upcoming announcement.

20 thoughts on “Energy Update for Starseeds 2023

  1. Love this video , you always help me give thanks. Thank you for your insight & wisdom.
    Can you do a video on the illusion of drug addiction & things surrounding / practicing medicinal things like greenery or ketamine nasal spray for severe depression?

  2. knowledge – analytical – science – mind – Divine Masculine
    experience – not solving – flowing – emotions – Divine Feminine

    I guess I am masculine 😀

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