Don’t Drop Your Family

  • February 2022

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In this video, the creator discusses the topic of family and why it is not always beneficial to cut ties with family members. They emphasize the importance of addressing unresolved issues and expressing ones truth for closure. The creator suggests writing a letter or message to the family member, expressing emotions, discussing what happened, and forgiving both oneself and the family member. The video emphasizes the need for closure and releasing the energy associated with past familial dynamics.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Drop Your Family

  1. I am estranged from my family in general. My mother divorced my father when I was 3 and remarried when I was 5. He treated my blood brother and I like soldiers, he was very abusive, verbally, physically and emotionally. My mom never protected me from him. She has made it clear she never wanted kids, so in her next life she will definitely be sure to not have them 🤦🏻‍♀️. She never calls or visits my kids. My family knew what was going on but never cared to step in. I’ve forgiven and moved on but I cannot be around or talk to them without feeling anxious or unsafe. I have no desire. Ppl ask me why is it so easy for me to cut them off? 1. I never felt like I was part of the family anyway. 2. I’m protecting myself and my children. By stepping away from that family I’ve been able to learn how to properly parent your children with love, and not the way I was taught. It’s been really rough. I guess what I struggle with now is do I have to force a relationship with them?

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