Crystal Skull Activation & Indigenous Clearing

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares a powerful and transformative experience they had with an older indigenous woman who appeared to them in a vision. The woman revealed herself as part of the Inua tribe and explained the story of a sacred crystal skull that held ancient knowledge. Elizabeth April, identified as the sister of the white brotherhood, was tasked with unlocking the energy of the crystal skull and liberating the trauma associated with the land. With the assistance of their spirit guides, they successfully activated the crystal skulls energy, allowing the trapped spirits of the tribe to cross over into the light. Elizabeth April also received a gift from the indigenous woman, an embroidered sash symbolizing their connection. The experience had a profound impact on Elizabeth April, highlighting their role in spiritual work and connecting with the land.

7 thoughts on “Crystal Skull Activation & Indigenous Clearing

  1. I wrote that before I finished the but you never mentioned if they gave you the knowledge or not and did you ever share any of it. I feel like I’m I nvedsted in the story and you left me hangin..hanging… ☺

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