Learning from Toxicity

  • July 2022

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In this video, the creator discusses the importance of learning from toxicity instead of just cutting it out of your life. They emphasize the need to recognize and neutralize toxic emotions and attachments in order to break free from repetitive patterns. The creator shares steps to learn from toxicity, including recognizing it, creating space, and observing it without reactive emotions. They also encourage asking yourself why you attracted the toxicity and what you gained from the experience. The video ends with a reminder to support each other in the community and a preview of the next video on navigating through toxicity.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Toxicity

  1. 🤯 I just finished talking to my ex and was left feeling grateful to be out of it, but still scrambled. Then I came back here (its currently Feb 2023 and I am in a rabbit hole of watching at all the past awakener and creator monthly how to’s and final downloads), and watched this. Talk about absolutely shiny, perfect timing. 🪬

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