Creator Meditation: Uploading & Downloading From Consciousness

  • February 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April leads a guided meditation focused on relaxation and releasing patterns that no longer serve us. The meditation takes the listener through a process of deep relaxation, letting go of tension and thoughts. Then, Elizabeth April encourages the listener to connect with the consciousness grid of the planet and release patterns through the power of intention. The video concludes with a reminder to close off the connection to the grid and return to awareness.

11 thoughts on “Creator Meditation: Uploading & Downloading From Consciousness

  1. EA, this was an AMAZING meditation. I love when i see things before you say them, it is such wonderful confirmation that I am indeed experiencing this in its totality. All day today I have been working on releasing an issue that has been with me for lifetimes. I had no idea that when I did this meditation it would be regarding this very thing! I knew today exactly what needed to be done, and your meditation was the final release and healing that i so needed. And on valentine’s day….now a day of self love for me, what a blessing. I love you so very much. Thank you for being you.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, have you inquired the Galactic federation regarding the crisis and potential war the United States faces with China and Russia? If you haven’t do you plan on doing so? This world is in a mass state of crisis. If you have inqyuired, are they going to intercede to prevent a world war and help to navigate humanity back to peace between each other?

    1. Hi Adriana- I had exactly the same question, especially about China. I hear a lot of war mongerin in my circles and don’t want fear to impact me but I am not naive either. Would like to know if EA can ask GFL.

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