Meditation: Creating the New Earth

  • March 2023

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The video guides viewers through a meditation practice to create a new Earth. It encourages finding a quiet place, deep breathing, and letting go of negative thoughts and tension. The meditation then leads to visualizing a new Earth filled with harmony, abundance, unity, and freedom from corruption. The viewers are prompted to connect with the energy of this new Earth and anchor it to the core of the planet. Finally, they are encouraged to release old Earth energy and embrace the highest possible timeline.

10 thoughts on “Meditation: Creating the New Earth

  1. This is my favorite meditation! I’ve done it multiple times and go somewhere else! EA’s vibration and tone puts me into a trance almost immediately and I am in my Souls essence. I have always been very connected to Gaia, I call her my Sister and being guided at this time to do grid work on a mass scale to help open Stargates. I’m not even exactly sure what I’m doing, I just know it in my Soul and EA is showing me the way! Thank you for this transmission, it’s Beautiful! ✨🌎✨🙏💫🛸💫💞

  2. Wow that was great. I felt instantly better. That surprises me. I think thats the first meditation ive ever done successfully without being interrupted n abandoned halfway thru. Thanks EA!

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