Meditation: Animal Telepathy

  • August 2023

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Summary: In this video, Elizabeth April guides the viewer through a meditation focused on animal telepathy. The meditation starts with relaxation techniques and progresses to connecting with animals and loved ones on a soul level, without the need for verbal communication. The aim is to develop non-verbal communication skills and deepen soul connections.

18 thoughts on “Meditation: Animal Telepathy

  1. When I went through the🚪door, I felt this whoosh of love, gratitude,& happiness. I communed with my cat Keeks. He was about 4 feet away from me. I asked that he move his arms to show me he heard. He did! 🐈. He totally did! I think that one thing I wasn’t doing, was kind of expelling my intention from my being. That seemed to do the trick. I think Keeks (my cat) might be Petes (my late dog) soul. Similar energy but in cat form. This was a lovely meditation. Your voice is very soothing. I had”voted” for a podcast but this was really very useful, powerful& soothing. Thank you & bless you & yours!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi there, it sounds too wonderful… but how can I listen to this without getting interrupted with the membership advertisement after a few seconds, ….every time?

  3. Thank you so much EA, I was able to connect with my 7 year old dog Tucker who I decided to put to sleep last summer due to complications of both back legs. He lived to run in the woods everyday with the other animals. I’ve had so much difficulty getting past that decision it’s been awful. What I seen was beautiful beyond words, he was so happy, playful jumping around. I asked him to jump into my arms and he did right away. I held him so tight and actually could feel his body and fur against me. He kept telling me everything was ok and what I did was for the best but I still don’t feel like it was ok. Taking a life is still wrong to me. I understand I stopped his suffering and even if I had the 10,000$ surgery completed he would not of been able to be free to run in the woods like he used to. Hopefully now talking with him the guilt will subside to a dull roar.
    I thank you with all my heart for this opportunity.

    1. Ugh Suzanne, this is such a beautiful experience 🥺 I feel this so deeply especially with the passing of our Abbey. I’m so glad you were able to connect on your own and know that he was okay and you made the right choice ❤️ one thing I’ve learned recently is that animal souls can and sometimes do come back as other pets down the line so keep your intuition tuned in for that! Sending you so much love, thank you for sharing 🐶❤️✨

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