How to: Upload & Download from the Grid

  • February 2023

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In this video, the creator discusses the concept of imprinting or uploading and downloading energy from the consciousness grid. They share personal experiences of using energy techniques to help their dog and themselves during sleepless nights. The creator explains that imprinting works by tapping into the collective energy and frequency of the consciousness grid to learn lessons or solve problems. They emphasize the importance of awareness, intention, trust, and application in successfully imprinting and using the energy from the consciousness grid.

24 thoughts on “How to: Upload & Download from the Grid

  1. I always travel with a bottle of peroxide(for them to barf up the toxin), and doggie first aid kit. And I always put chocolate , raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, onion powder out of reach completely when it comes to dogs…like hazmat. Lol Anyways, I am so glad everything turned out OK for you, I would have been a mess if it were my kids as well! Been there!

  2. That is so weird because my whole life when I’ve ever had trouble sleeping like that where I’m really sick and I can’t sleep I always had an easy time falling asleep if I could just lay in bed with somebody that’s already sleeping and I don’t know it would just help me fall right asleep if I could sleep with a sleeping person I guess I was picking up their energy and I just didn’t realize it and also with the dog in the chocolate situation, when I was a kid I used to try to do the same type of thing without even knowing I was doing it really I would just be praying to God and asking if I could take some of the back pain away from my mother because she had a back injury and has a rod in her back etc etc and I would do that all the time with the kid and asked to take some of the pain away from her and put that into me I’m just very interesting to hear this just want to share that little bit.

  3. That worrying and checking thing probably will not go away until let me guess your kids probably like five six and then you’ll start to chill out and let me tell you that your OCD will also go away because you’ll just learn when you have kids you’ll learn a lot

  4. We got to be careful when cats eat tinsel might cat had to have stomach surgery done because the tinsel was wrapping around stuff inside his guts and he got terribly sick and we had no clue what it was until the doctor opened him up and pulled out a bunch of tinsel that was wrapped around things so be careful I can be very dangerous. I just don’t use sense anymore…

  5. I don’t get it… if we can’t “unpack it” – ie get the solution how can we take the action? It seems like downloads for you are big information bombs. When you have time you “read” the information and you can process it. How can we fix the problem if we can’t read the information? I’ll listen again… maybe I missed something 🤷‍♀️. As always thank you!❤️

    • Just sharing my experience that maybe can assist you:
      When I can’t unpack I set and intention to clear any denial or resistance about the subject I wish to experience. Also asking for a frequency of understanding. Just allow it to anchor inside. The body always has a respond to the new frequency so you know something is different. Like chills, warmth, twitch, feeling lighter out of the sudden, realisation, etc.
      Maybe ask for obvious signs to verify your answer or next step for the benefit of you and all involved.
      We usually only get 1 step at a time not the whole solution.

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