How to See The World More Vibrantly!

  • October 2023

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In this video, the creator discusses how to feel more connected to life and experience it more vibrantly. They talk about periods of disconnection being natural, but also offer tips on how to reconnect. These include being present, raising your vibration, appreciating and finding beauty in your surroundings, and making different choices to switch up the energy. They also mention how the release of a chemical called DMT in the brain can enhance these experiences of connection and vibrancy.

39 thoughts on “How to See The World More Vibrantly!

  1. Is it just me or is this video choppy?! I’m 2.5 min in & the sound has been constantly going in & out every other word so I can’t receive the message! 😭 I’ll try again tmrw & then email for help out it hasn’t gone away….

  2. Love the advice, etc. When you were talking about appreciation, it reminded me of the trip you and your Dad took last November. The level of appreciation you had, for example, for various landscapes, Devils Tower, etc. was very high. Watching your appreciation helped to raise mine. Anyway, loved this video. Thank you.

  3. Always so on point right when I need it! You are the best EA <3. P.S. I don't know if you use Baby Powder, but if you do, stay away from Johnson's and Johnson. It's not good for you or the baby. Much Love XOXO

  4. Thank you, EA. I’m so happy to be here. The video was really uplifting.. speaking of art, this made me think about how my best artwork occurs when I sort f take the “Jodi” out of. It and let the creativity flow. I just realized that sometimes I am in my own way spiritually just like in my art. I. Am thankful every conscious moment. I just am. I’m at my best in the moment. It’s like flipping a switch. In order for anything spiritual to reach me, I have to be in the moment.

    One of my hacks is if I’m thinking negatively about someone or something Iask spirit to protect it from me.. I never thought about it raising my vibration before. I thought of it as damage control. My human is a a hot mess today. Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my dad dying andIm going to a wedding that my husband is a groomsman in. The tips for raising and holding a positive vibration could not have reached me on a better day. Thanks for your help. 😎🌸🔥⛈️🌏🌬️ I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Dear Elizabeth, Your help with raising our vibrations and connectedness is wonderful and invaluable and has impacted me greatly in a very positive manner, and I thank you for that. I found you on the internet after following the advice of Bashar, channelled by Daryl Anka, for 45 years. His advice has also impacted my life in an emensely positive way. This is in no way meant to be disrespectful to you EA, but sometimes, your listeners might benefit from a few more suggestions from different high vibrational beings. The primary idea of Bashar’s that I want to mention is, “Follow what excites you the most with integrity.” Bashar has offered something he calls The Human Instruction Manual. It has five steps…

    1) Act upon your highest passion every moment.
    2) Do it as long as you can until you can do it no longer letting the excitement naturally wane and, when that happens, look for the next thing that contains even just a little bit more excitement, and act on that next.
    3) Do this with no insistence and no assumption about what the outcome should look like.
    4) Remain in a positive state no matter what manifests, so we can get a benefit from it.
    5) And, constantly examine our belief systems to find out why we’re holding on to any fear-based or negative beliefs and to learn to let them go.

    “And when we take those five steps, it activates automatically a number of different experiences like synchronicity becoming more of an organizing principle and a constant experience in our lives. It becomes the driving engine in our lives. It becomes the path of least resistance in our lives. It becomes the path of easiest support in our lives. It becomes the path of connecting us to all other expressions of our excitement and opportunities to express that excitement in our lives. It becomes the path of relevence in our lives where everything comes to us when we need it. And, it becomes the reflective mirror that reveals to us anything within our belief system that’s out of alignment with our excitement, with our truth, so that we can recognze it and learn to let it go.”

    These comments above were paraphrased from the following video, which was an interview with Daryl Anka who appeared on the Jeff Mara Podcast (on Oct 13th):

    Doing so, he says, “[This] is all that’s neccessary to transform your life in magical ways.”

    Thank you EA for allowing us to co-create a magical future.

    With much love to all, Al

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