How to Amplify FLOW in Your Business

  • July 2023

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In this video titled How to Amplify FLOW in your Business, Elizabeth April discusses the importance of balancing giving and receiving in a business. They share personal experiences of overgiving and the negative effects it had on them. Elizabeth April suggests setting healthy boundaries and being selective about giving to those who genuinely ask for help. They also emphasize the importance of receiving and having an energy exchange. The video concludes with a discussion on the potential of starting nonprofit organizations to give back to society.

17 thoughts on “How to Amplify FLOW in Your Business

  1. wouuld you plz share the organization that you no longer support because the founder is/was apart of the sex trafficking issue? I know you don’t like to name names but my mom is about to do a promo for her art that she sells, with 50% of the money going towards (tim ballards website, operation underground railroad etc). I just want to make sure that the money is going somewhere that will actually help the cause. Please start your own foundation for this topic ASAP!! I will be donating!! πŸ™‚

  2. This whole July series on Entreprenuership (sp?) I wasn’t sure I would resonate fully with. But, it turns out that it is wildly applicable to my current journey(-ies) in this earth lifetime. Another month theme, right on the money. Thanks!

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