Tuning into the Universe 

  • May 2023

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In this video titled Tuning into the Universe, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of mindfulness and its connection to the universe. They share personal experiences and insights on how being mindful of oneself is crucial before attempting to connect with the universe. Elizabeth April also touches on channeling information and the importance of finding moments of mindfulness with the universe to foster a sense of connection and gratitude. Ultimately, Elizabeth April emphasizes the need to balance human experiences with spiritual connection.

26 thoughts on “Tuning into the Universe 

  1. Hello beautiful being, quick question,
    I’m on my lab top and adding an email…can I still keep my existing email or is it better to only have 1.
    Thank you 🙏 🌹

  2. I like how it was mentioned that we must tap into our human body, psyche, and life before we touch the universe. That reminds me of first letting go of my reptilian brain – such as fight, freeze, or flight – and then or in order to surrender to the cosmos. Such a reminder occurred to self because I know for my reptilian personality and perspective, I tend to gravitate what seems to be rather than what is. So it is significant to get the facts or horizon true or known before I adhere to and understand a power greater than myself. But yes the famous gazing up at the stars is such a magical moment. It’s as if totality can exist within just a moment and that moment lasts forever. Water too is such a vital piece to our physical and spiritual security and connection.

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